Recent games of Prioritizer

Player 1Player 2ReplayDate
win One Stonevslose Prioritizerview replay2019-10-23 11:56:55 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie michaelvillarview replay2019-10-23 11:00:54 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Swagluator v1.0view replay2019-10-23 09:44:42 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie shiner longest + view replay2019-10-23 02:01:33 UTC
win Prioritizervslose shiner avoidance view replay2019-10-23 00:24:12 UTC
win Prioritizervslose ao-nrecview replay2019-10-22 16:02:39 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie ddiehl_01view replay2019-10-22 15:52:42 UTC
win Clon 1.0.0vslose Prioritizerview replay2019-10-17 02:52:29 UTC
win Prioritizervslose bhima-clusterview replay2019-10-17 01:56:39 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Jason Palmer 1.0.view replay2019-10-17 00:16:32 UTC
win usagi-hovslose Prioritizerview replay2019-10-16 09:30:55 UTC
win dance of the cosmvslose Prioritizerview replay2019-10-16 09:29:34 UTC
win MoarFruitsvslose Prioritizerview replay2019-10-16 04:53:01 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin shiner ranger rarview replay2019-10-16 04:48:25 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie first try gview replay2019-10-15 21:03:26 UTC
win Prioritizervslose first try gview replay2019-10-15 19:29:14 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin The MathBot 2.0view replay2019-10-15 13:46:39 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin chaos_botview replay2019-10-15 13:02:19 UTC
win Prioritizervslose cinnamonview replay2019-10-15 03:06:50 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin usagi-ho-jrview replay2019-10-14 23:32:04 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin Bobview replay2019-10-14 21:33:18 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Bob2view replay2019-10-14 18:00:11 UTC
win Prioritizervslose GreedBotview replay2019-10-14 17:19:58 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin sexy_underpant_boview replay2019-10-14 11:27:41 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie HKMk7view replay2019-10-14 07:44:19 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie GreedBotview replay2019-10-14 03:55:22 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin NoBot 2.1.1view replay2019-10-14 00:58:47 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Tronbotview replay2019-10-13 22:01:10 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin dance of the cosmview replay2019-10-13 21:23:22 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin bak-opp-predview replay2019-10-13 17:47:55 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin Wooky v0.1view replay2019-10-13 17:25:38 UTC
win usagi-ho-jrvslose Prioritizerview replay2019-10-13 11:15:43 UTC
tie hi_facepunchvstie Prioritizerview replay2019-10-13 09:35:22 UTC
win Prioritizervslose michaelvillar3view replay2019-10-13 00:43:54 UTC
win Swagluator v1.0vslose Prioritizerview replay2019-10-12 23:09:34 UTC
lose Kiwanovswin Prioritizerview replay2019-10-12 06:14:23 UTC
tie GOZBOT 2.0vstie Prioritizerview replay2019-10-12 05:03:22 UTC
tie Gilgamech's Juicevstie Prioritizerview replay2019-10-11 23:39:17 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie HKMk3view replay2019-10-11 23:25:09 UTC
win Prioritizervslose lowesthangingfruiview replay2019-10-11 23:01:47 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin Bob7view replay2019-10-11 12:37:43 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin Synehbot v0.3view replay2019-10-11 11:27:33 UTC
win Prioritizervslose shiner shortestview replay2019-10-11 03:53:06 UTC
win Prioritizervslose test02view replay2019-10-11 03:51:03 UTC
lose Frugivore v1.1vswin Prioritizerview replay2019-10-10 21:05:04 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie bhima-cluster-oppview replay2019-10-10 20:43:17 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Banksybotview replay2019-10-10 15:16:36 UTC
win Prioritizervslose ExtermLUAtor v2.5view replay2019-10-10 13:06:28 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Magnus VIview replay2019-10-10 08:07:21 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Ant Groupview replay2019-10-10 04:27:54 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin The MathBot 3.01view replay2019-10-09 17:55:55 UTC
win Prioritizervslose bla4gee_bot_6view replay2019-10-09 12:36:03 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Annoying-Bview replay2019-10-09 03:35:08 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin shiner highest raview replay2019-10-09 01:20:26 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Magnus VIview replay2019-10-08 13:49:35 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Geronimo 1.0.5view replay2019-10-08 13:44:23 UTC
lose Swagluator v1.0vswin Prioritizerview replay2019-10-08 00:28:20 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin jackBotv1.3view replay2019-10-08 00:25:15 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin michaelvillarview replay2019-10-07 23:33:07 UTC
win Prioritizervslose maniacview replay2019-10-07 11:32:37 UTC
win Prioritizervslose bhimaview replay2019-10-07 09:56:23 UTC
win Prioritizervslose bhima-smarterview replay2019-10-06 22:15:42 UTC
win Prioritizervslose DreDayBotview replay2019-10-06 22:06:03 UTC
tie AveBotvstie Prioritizerview replay2019-10-06 04:47:27 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Noribview replay2019-10-06 02:53:14 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin First-timer botview replay2019-10-06 01:06:22 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin bla4gee_original_view replay2019-10-05 18:01:47 UTC
win Prioritizervslose ddiehl_02view replay2019-10-05 17:03:43 UTC
win Prioritizervslose greedy_babyview replay2019-10-05 00:22:42 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Moc's botview replay2019-10-04 22:58:05 UTC
tie Da LUA Bot MK1vstie Prioritizerview replay2019-10-04 12:46:11 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Third-timerview replay2019-10-04 12:43:59 UTC
lose switchervswin Prioritizerview replay2019-10-01 13:10:20 UTC
lose MoarFruitsvswin Prioritizerview replay2019-10-01 07:27:41 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie mcgriedy-it+rnd-view replay2019-10-01 04:26:42 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie mcgriedy-itview replay2019-09-30 23:22:27 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin nodnarb 0.1view replay2019-09-30 21:59:50 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin tspGuyview replay2019-09-30 16:16:50 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie evadeBotview replay2019-09-30 11:31:26 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin mcgriedy-it+view replay2019-09-30 07:03:00 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie varty 4view replay2019-09-30 02:42:23 UTC
win Prioritizervslose shiner more penalview replay2019-09-29 19:17:37 UTC
win RoboBot01vslose Prioritizerview replay2019-09-29 17:59:31 UTC
win test2vslose Prioritizerview replay2019-09-29 08:17:13 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin bla4gee_bot_8view replay2019-09-29 06:35:35 UTC
win Getawayvslose Prioritizerview replay2019-09-29 00:08:28 UTC
win Prioritizervslose digdugbot Mview replay2019-09-28 15:53:29 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Magnus VIview replay2019-09-28 15:48:15 UTC
lose AveBotvswin Prioritizerview replay2019-09-28 00:54:01 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Sommerregen IVview replay2019-09-28 00:46:55 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin EnoughIsEnough_2view replay2019-09-27 21:25:58 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin peerless4*2view replay2019-09-27 15:43:23 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Pillowbot 5000view replay2019-09-27 14:39:55 UTC
win Mainwing2.0vslose Prioritizerview replay2019-09-27 05:39:44 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Third-timerview replay2019-09-27 04:57:06 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie bhima-cluster-oppview replay2019-09-27 02:55:23 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin Frugivoreview replay2019-09-26 22:45:47 UTC
win Prioritizervslose jared_bot_1view replay2019-09-26 20:22:17 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie bhima-dumbview replay2019-09-26 10:53:36 UTC
win Prioritizervslose michaelvillarview replay2019-09-26 09:45:09 UTC
win Prioritizervslose test02view replay2019-09-26 00:32:53 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin Heat Bot 1.5view replay2019-09-25 23:29:24 UTC
lose naive_guyvswin Prioritizerview replay2019-09-25 17:28:07 UTC
win Prioritizervslose NoBot 4.1.1view replay2019-09-25 16:57:52 UTC
win Prioritizervslose tspGuyview replay2019-09-25 10:50:33 UTC
win Prioritizervslose ndc-1view replay2019-09-25 08:10:08 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin Moc's botview replay2019-09-25 04:42:13 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie shinerview replay2019-09-25 01:10:10 UTC
win Prettyokbot — OSUvslose Prioritizerview replay2019-09-24 21:37:58 UTC
tie ndc-1vstie Prioritizerview replay2019-09-24 12:18:10 UTC
lose Wooky v0.1vswin Prioritizerview replay2019-09-24 12:17:21 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin bla4gee_bot_6view replay2019-09-24 09:40:04 UTC
win Prioritizervslose ddiehl_02view replay2019-09-24 04:59:21 UTC
win Prioritizervslose bla4gee_bot_8view replay2019-09-24 02:22:17 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin peerless4*5view replay2019-09-23 20:35:47 UTC
win Prioritizervslose shiner longest + view replay2019-09-23 18:09:31 UTC
win Prioritizervslose iRobotview replay2019-09-23 09:59:21 UTC
win Prioritizervslose mcgriedyview replay2019-09-23 09:35:06 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin davitorview replay2019-09-23 02:05:24 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie 4ud0view replay2019-09-23 01:05:13 UTC
tie Frugivorevstie Prioritizerview replay2019-09-22 15:11:59 UTC
lose switchervswin Prioritizerview replay2019-09-22 14:45:13 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Prioritizerview replay2019-09-22 09:16:28 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin HKMk4view replay2019-09-22 07:50:40 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Swagluator v1.0view replay2019-09-22 06:55:57 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie bak-opp-predview replay2019-09-21 19:38:01 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin varty 5view replay2019-09-21 18:37:42 UTC
win Prioritizervslose chattyBot-v2.1view replay2019-09-21 11:21:11 UTC
win Synehbot v0.1vslose Prioritizerview replay2019-09-21 01:13:31 UTC
win Prioritizervslose greedy with saltview replay2019-09-20 21:12:59 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin DiscerningBotview replay2019-09-20 19:43:04 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin varty 5view replay2019-09-20 15:12:42 UTC
win Prioritizervslose New wave manview replay2019-09-20 14:50:18 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Pillowbot 5000view replay2019-09-20 08:53:38 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie HKMk4view replay2019-09-20 07:32:58 UTC
win Synehbot v0.1vslose Prioritizerview replay2019-09-20 00:47:46 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie NoBot 4.1.1view replay2019-09-19 22:38:34 UTC
win Swagluator v1.0vslose Prioritizerview replay2019-09-19 17:30:36 UTC
win Prioritizervslose sexy_underpant_boview replay2019-09-19 15:18:11 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin Osmitron1.0view replay2019-09-19 15:11:12 UTC
win Prioritizervslose FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-09-19 05:23:24 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Jason Palmerview replay2019-09-19 05:22:53 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin Heuro 1view replay2019-09-19 01:41:45 UTC
lose Synehbot v0.2vswin Prioritizerview replay2019-09-18 15:06:39 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin Rofuel3view replay2019-09-18 13:12:34 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie bla4gee_bot_8view replay2019-09-18 12:10:14 UTC
tie RoboBot01vstie Prioritizerview replay2019-09-18 02:17:51 UTC
tie ExtermLUAtor v2.5vstie Prioritizerview replay2019-09-17 20:45:35 UTC
tie MoarFruitsvstie Prioritizerview replay2019-09-17 20:43:40 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Frugivoreview replay2019-09-17 18:29:50 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin 1stBotview replay2019-09-17 18:07:11 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Latestview replay2019-09-17 10:19:09 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie kcon_Iview replay2019-09-17 08:01:24 UTC
win YTIKWIDHH v2.1.1vslose Prioritizerview replay2019-09-17 04:22:12 UTC
win switcher2vslose Prioritizerview replay2019-09-17 02:31:35 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Annoying-Bview replay2019-09-17 00:57:48 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin bla4gee_bot_5view replay2019-09-16 23:07:00 UTC
win Prioritizervslose vartyview replay2019-09-16 12:18:31 UTC
tie usagi-ho-jrvstie Prioritizerview replay2019-09-16 10:51:16 UTC
win Prioritizervslose bhimaview replay2019-09-16 02:45:28 UTC
win Prioritizervslose 5MoveMinimaxview replay2019-09-16 01:23:33 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin Rofuel2view replay2019-09-15 16:52:17 UTC
win Prioritizervslose HKMk3view replay2019-09-15 15:51:45 UTC
win Gilgamech's Juicevslose Prioritizerview replay2019-09-15 02:42:45 UTC
win GOZBOT 1.2vslose Prioritizerview replay2019-09-14 23:07:32 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie kcon_Iview replay2019-09-14 22:32:24 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Bob5view replay2019-09-14 17:43:14 UTC
win Prioritizervslose greedy_babyview replay2019-09-14 13:23:38 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Ant Groupview replay2019-09-14 10:27:08 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin RoboBot01view replay2019-09-14 02:42:30 UTC
win Prioritizervslose NoBot 4.1.1view replay2019-09-14 00:54:00 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Jason Palmerview replay2019-09-13 17:48:41 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin chattyBot-v2.1view replay2019-09-13 17:24:14 UTC
win Mainwing3.0vslose Prioritizerview replay2019-09-13 10:54:11 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie bakasura-fruitview replay2019-09-13 09:43:13 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie boo_bot v0.5bview replay2019-09-13 05:34:11 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Osmitron1.0view replay2019-09-12 22:57:34 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie advancedSimpleBotview replay2019-09-12 21:33:42 UTC
win dance of the cosmvslose Prioritizerview replay2019-09-12 12:50:06 UTC
lose Da LUA Bot MK1vswin Prioritizerview replay2019-09-12 12:50:03 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin ddiehl_02view replay2019-09-12 03:16:47 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin ClusterChaserview replay2019-09-12 02:37:36 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie HKMk7view replay2019-09-11 19:34:36 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin Return of the Fruview replay2019-09-11 17:05:03 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Ant Groupview replay2019-09-11 09:27:01 UTC
win Prioritizervslose chatty-SimpleBotview replay2019-09-11 08:45:10 UTC
win Prioritizervslose peerless4*5view replay2019-09-11 02:08:44 UTC
win Prioritizervslose bakasura-fruitview replay2019-09-11 00:14:36 UTC
win Prioritizervslose 4ud0view replay2019-09-10 20:11:49 UTC
win Prioritizervslose usagi-ho-jrview replay2019-09-10 17:06:19 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin ddiehl_04.1_RSL4view replay2019-09-10 11:20:56 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Magnus VIview replay2019-09-10 06:49:39 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie greedy with saltview replay2019-09-10 00:46:58 UTC
tie Synehbot v0.2vstie Prioritizerview replay2019-09-10 00:34:18 UTC
win Prioritizervslose boo_bot v0.56view replay2019-09-09 17:19:54 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin Bob6view replay2019-09-09 16:13:44 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Noribview replay2019-09-09 09:28:00 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin ClusterChaserview replay2019-09-09 09:27:55 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-09-08 23:34:26 UTC
win Prioritizervslose greedy with saltview replay2019-09-08 20:15:25 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Sommerregen IVview replay2019-09-08 15:51:21 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Bob6view replay2019-09-08 04:48:12 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie EnoughIsEnough_2view replay2019-09-08 01:29:17 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Bob5view replay2019-09-07 21:42:15 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie first try eview replay2019-09-07 18:50:09 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin fruitbot 0.8view replay2019-09-07 14:53:52 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Jason Palmerview replay2019-09-07 12:00:06 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin ddiehl_03view replay2019-09-07 06:36:00 UTC
tie Moc's botvstie Prioritizerview replay2019-09-07 00:56:39 UTC
win Prioritizervslose maniacview replay2019-09-06 20:00:02 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Sommerregen IVview replay2019-09-06 14:32:24 UTC
win Prioritizervslose peerless4*5view replay2019-09-06 09:05:28 UTC
win Prioritizervslose first_tryview replay2019-09-06 06:16:39 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie dance of the cosmview replay2019-09-06 00:37:38 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin Bob5view replay2019-09-05 22:08:22 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie chatty-SimpleBotview replay2019-09-05 17:00:57 UTC
lose 3rdBotvswin Prioritizerview replay2019-09-05 12:33:43 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie mcgriedy-it+rndview replay2019-09-05 08:11:23 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Rofuel2view replay2019-09-05 06:38:50 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie bla4gee_bot_5view replay2019-09-05 01:08:08 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie steel_man_0view replay2019-09-05 00:07:54 UTC
win Prioritizervslose mcgriedy-ut+view replay2019-09-04 22:12:54 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin Moc's botview replay2019-09-04 16:58:44 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Bob7view replay2019-09-04 13:10:54 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin first try fview replay2019-09-04 12:48:15 UTC
win Prioritizervslose bhima-dumbview replay2019-09-03 20:02:48 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Synehbot v0.1view replay2019-09-03 19:31:36 UTC
lose Potato Bot MK 2vswin Prioritizerview replay2019-09-03 05:30:41 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin mcgriedy-it+view replay2019-09-02 20:03:35 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Synehbot v0.2view replay2019-09-02 18:59:13 UTC
tie dance of the cosmvstie Prioritizerview replay2019-09-01 22:41:16 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin bhima-clusterview replay2019-09-01 22:33:14 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie bhima-clusterview replay2019-09-01 14:11:11 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie shiner longest + view replay2019-09-01 01:07:38 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Jason Palmer 1.0.view replay2019-08-31 13:19:12 UTC
lose Prioritizervswin JJsuper_duper_betview replay2019-08-31 02:23:11 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie tim_bot1view replay2019-08-30 15:41:25 UTC
win Prioritizervslose varty 1view replay2019-08-30 07:56:21 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie greedy with saltview replay2019-08-29 23:22:43 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Sommerregen IVview replay2019-08-29 18:53:20 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie davitorview replay2019-08-29 11:20:46 UTC
win Prioritizervslose DiscerningBotview replay2019-08-29 04:51:04 UTC
win Synehbot v0.1vslose Prioritizerview replay2019-08-28 18:04:52 UTC
lose tspGuy2vswin Prioritizerview replay2019-08-28 04:08:31 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie chaos_botview replay2019-08-28 02:02:59 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie ddiehl_03view replay2019-08-27 06:28:08 UTC
win Prioritizervslose nodnarb 0.2view replay2019-08-27 05:18:51 UTC
win Prioritizervslose JoBotview replay2019-08-26 13:49:18 UTC
win Prioritizervslose advancedSimpleBotview replay2019-08-26 13:44:36 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie ChinookSurfer0.3view replay2019-08-25 23:25:50 UTC