Recent games of ARCHIMEDES

Player 1Player 2ReplayDate
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie sba simplex Aview replay2022-07-05 12:33:56 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie Scarnessview replay2022-07-05 07:08:19 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Scarnessview replay2022-07-05 03:38:17 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose raycasterview replay2022-07-04 21:20:51 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin k.a.o.s.B.o.t.view replay2022-07-04 15:36:52 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie EUCLID-ATOview replay2022-07-04 07:42:52 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin rybot5view replay2022-07-04 01:06:09 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose TestBotv0.76view replay2022-07-03 16:45:02 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie pokebotview replay2022-07-03 12:44:13 UTC
win pokebotvslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-07-03 07:13:44 UTC
win LoomBot1.2vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-07-02 22:28:52 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose nearestFruitview replay2022-07-02 17:56:30 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin WarehouseBotview replay2022-07-02 13:08:38 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin Team2view replay2022-07-02 05:08:06 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Toastieview replay2022-07-02 03:29:43 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin WarehouseBotview replay2022-07-01 21:51:30 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin The MathBot 1.02view replay2022-07-01 15:45:13 UTC
lose plsbot 1.3vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-07-01 10:02:19 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin SofaButtview replay2022-07-01 09:05:01 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin LoomBot.1.2.3view replay2022-07-01 04:11:46 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin WarehouseBotview replay2022-07-01 03:59:50 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie Gutmann Swipe 2view replay2022-06-30 20:00:39 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin Team2view replay2022-06-30 19:54:21 UTC
lose Team2vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-30 08:29:41 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose YTIKWIDHH v2.1.2view replay2022-06-30 07:05:35 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin rybot5view replay2022-06-30 02:18:16 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose plsbot 1.3view replay2022-06-29 19:22:42 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose nearestFruitview replay2022-06-29 13:06:17 UTC
lose pokebotvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-29 08:18:01 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie Riley Bot 5000view replay2022-06-28 19:45:41 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin Gutmann Swipe 2view replay2022-06-28 19:27:37 UTC
lose LoomBot.1.2.3vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-28 04:19:42 UTC
win LoomBot1.2vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-28 01:57:18 UTC
lose EUCLIDvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-27 23:57:02 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Team2view replay2022-06-27 23:22:05 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin LoomBot.1.2.3view replay2022-06-27 17:30:58 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose pokebotview replay2022-06-27 16:32:27 UTC
win JavaNator 1.0vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-27 05:53:02 UTC
lose EUCLID-ATOvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-27 01:37:32 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose The MathBot 1.01view replay2022-06-26 23:15:28 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Team2view replay2022-06-26 19:34:56 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin nearestFruitview replay2022-06-26 12:28:15 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin BitBot v. "Exodusview replay2022-06-26 12:16:53 UTC
lose fuckjsV.0.2vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-26 01:34:40 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin Wineberry f45cview replay2022-06-26 00:11:50 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie LoomBot1.2view replay2022-06-25 19:29:07 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin KillerBot82view replay2022-06-25 15:29:52 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie TestBotv0.75view replay2022-06-25 11:09:47 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie The MathBot 1.01view replay2022-06-25 07:15:40 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose KillerBot82view replay2022-06-24 23:37:02 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose KillerBot82view replay2022-06-24 18:29:29 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose plsbot 1.3view replay2022-06-24 12:58:40 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Lucyfireview replay2022-06-24 09:34:19 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin rybot5view replay2022-06-24 04:09:54 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie EUCLID-ATOview replay2022-06-24 01:47:09 UTC
lose Gutmann Swipe 3vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-23 20:25:07 UTC
lose fuckjsV.0.2vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-23 10:37:16 UTC
lose Scarnessvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-23 07:12:11 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose trybot1view replay2022-06-23 04:43:34 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin JavaNator 1.0view replay2022-06-22 18:07:27 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie Rainbow Dashieview replay2022-06-22 17:55:15 UTC
win YTIKWIDHH v2.1.2vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-22 03:47:21 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Lucyfireview replay2022-06-22 02:21:54 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin rybot5view replay2022-06-21 22:30:28 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose EUCLIDview replay2022-06-21 15:16:59 UTC
win EUCLID-ATOvslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-21 05:48:10 UTC
win Scarnessvslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-20 20:18:03 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin TestBotv0.5view replay2022-06-20 20:13:53 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin nearestFruitview replay2022-06-20 15:33:43 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin Mean Botview replay2022-06-20 11:24:53 UTC
lose LoomBot.1.2.3vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-20 03:30:29 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin k.a.o.s.B.o.t.view replay2022-06-19 19:23:56 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin jpbot1view replay2022-06-19 19:01:47 UTC
lose fuckjsV.0.2vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-19 07:24:26 UTC
win plsbot 1.3vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-19 05:54:59 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin The MathBot 1.01view replay2022-06-19 00:40:22 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose lazy_bot_0.1aview replay2022-06-18 22:37:36 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose KillerBot82view replay2022-06-18 16:14:45 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin Riley Bot 5000view replay2022-06-18 12:40:48 UTC
win YTIKWIDHH v2.1.2vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-18 07:34:57 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Lucyfireview replay2022-06-18 06:19:16 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Lucyfireview replay2022-06-17 22:48:08 UTC
win pokebotvslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-17 21:42:35 UTC
lose YTIKWIDHH v2.1.2vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-17 12:33:52 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin TooSimpleview replay2022-06-17 09:08:36 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose FruitSammler I.2view replay2022-06-17 09:07:26 UTC
lose plsbot 1.3vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-16 14:27:18 UTC
win LoomBot.1.2.3vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-16 11:32:56 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Bot Aview replay2022-06-16 10:55:59 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin SofaButtview replay2022-06-16 06:22:04 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie trybot1view replay2022-06-15 23:43:29 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin The MathBot 1.01view replay2022-06-15 19:14:24 UTC
win SofaButtvslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-15 14:34:45 UTC
lose k.a.o.s.B.o.t.vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-15 05:14:57 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin Attemptview replay2022-06-15 02:50:10 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin EUCLID-ATOview replay2022-06-15 01:49:13 UTC
lose Attemptvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-14 12:51:59 UTC
lose SofaButtvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-14 11:38:03 UTC
tie LoomBot.1.2.3vstie ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-14 08:09:58 UTC
tie Team2vstie ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-14 07:56:42 UTC
lose EUCLIDvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-13 20:05:39 UTC
win TestBotv0.5vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-13 18:54:29 UTC
win WarehouseBotvslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-13 12:59:47 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin TestBotv0.5view replay2022-06-13 12:46:17 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie pokebotview replay2022-06-13 09:52:52 UTC
win Gutmann Swipe 2vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-13 00:10:45 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose KillerBot82view replay2022-06-12 18:48:04 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Get By Value plusview replay2022-06-12 17:24:43 UTC
lose pokebotvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-12 08:56:23 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin first_basic_js_atview replay2022-06-12 08:55:07 UTC
win Attemptvslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-11 19:07:29 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin EUCLID-ATOview replay2022-06-11 14:01:49 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Bot Aview replay2022-06-11 14:00:04 UTC
lose WarehouseBotvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-10 19:08:29 UTC
lose plsbot 1.3vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-10 16:31:40 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie Team2view replay2022-06-10 14:04:55 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin nearestFruitview replay2022-06-10 12:46:09 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie Sana.Darkview replay2022-06-10 03:00:38 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie Team2view replay2022-06-10 02:25:18 UTC
lose plsbot 1.3vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-09 14:55:43 UTC
tie Attemptvstie ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-09 07:25:29 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin EUCLIDview replay2022-06-09 07:25:02 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin FruitSammler I.2view replay2022-06-09 07:22:46 UTC
win LoomBot1.2vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-08 17:09:24 UTC
lose EUCLIDvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-08 08:58:48 UTC
lose SofaButtvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-08 07:50:59 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose k.a.o.s.B.o.t.view replay2022-06-08 04:16:27 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie Lucyfireview replay2022-06-08 04:15:31 UTC
lose EUCLIDvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-07 14:49:52 UTC
win Team2vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-07 14:48:45 UTC
lose EUCLID-ATOvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-07 05:22:25 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin bitbotview replay2022-06-07 05:15:09 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Scarnessview replay2022-06-07 01:48:24 UTC
tie TestBotv0.75vstie ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-06 12:54:29 UTC
lose Gutmann Swipe 3vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-06 09:52:14 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie The MathBot 1.02view replay2022-06-06 06:56:13 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose rybot5view replay2022-06-06 05:20:13 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin jpbot1view replay2022-06-06 00:12:59 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie plsbot 1.3view replay2022-06-05 18:40:41 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose JavaNator 1.0view replay2022-06-05 12:57:25 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose plsbot 1.3view replay2022-06-05 09:44:03 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin EUCLIDview replay2022-06-05 03:40:51 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin plsbot 1.3view replay2022-06-05 00:20:24 UTC
tie EUCLIDvstie ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-04 11:49:43 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin FruitSammler I.4view replay2022-06-04 10:23:29 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin rybot5view replay2022-06-04 01:46:22 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose JavaNator 1.0view replay2022-06-04 01:45:57 UTC
lose Attemptvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-03 07:23:17 UTC
lose TestBotv0.75vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-03 07:21:36 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin jpbot1view replay2022-06-03 03:33:39 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin RobinsBotview replay2022-06-03 00:56:57 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin WarehouseBotview replay2022-06-02 21:30:13 UTC
win Alec's First Botvslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-02 11:33:58 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie nearestFruitview replay2022-06-02 11:25:47 UTC
tie Team2vstie ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-02 03:09:08 UTC
tie EUCLID-ATOvstie ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-01 23:01:14 UTC
lose Team2vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-01 19:40:36 UTC
win bitbotvslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-01 16:48:21 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie TestBotv0.75view replay2022-06-01 13:44:25 UTC
tie plsbot 1.3vstie ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-06-01 10:02:17 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Oodview replay2022-06-01 04:17:48 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie bot 33 1/3: the fview replay2022-06-01 03:17:17 UTC
win TomsBot2vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-31 17:28:08 UTC
win LoomBot.1.2.3vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-31 10:37:37 UTC
win bitbotvslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-31 08:25:14 UTC
tie Team2vstie ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-31 06:52:16 UTC
tie YTIKWIDHH v2.1.2vstie ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-31 03:18:02 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin Oodview replay2022-05-30 19:11:37 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Lucyfireview replay2022-05-30 14:08:36 UTC
win SofaButtvslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-30 04:15:44 UTC
win pokebotvslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-30 00:27:37 UTC
lose bitbotvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-29 17:00:30 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose first_basic_js_atview replay2022-05-29 14:34:32 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin SofaButtview replay2022-05-29 06:24:14 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie LoomBot.1.2.3view replay2022-05-29 03:41:19 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose The MathBot 1.02view replay2022-05-28 21:15:30 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose YTIKWIDHH v2.1.2view replay2022-05-28 15:50:46 UTC
win Team2vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-28 11:40:19 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose raycasterview replay2022-05-28 10:17:38 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose raycasterview replay2022-05-28 03:48:00 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie Attemptview replay2022-05-27 22:42:08 UTC
lose Team2vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-27 17:52:11 UTC
lose EUCLID-ATOvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-27 09:16:23 UTC
win Team2vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-27 07:16:22 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin pokebotview replay2022-05-27 07:15:14 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin SofaButtview replay2022-05-27 02:45:18 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose ClusterBotview replay2022-05-26 22:36:15 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Bot Aview replay2022-05-26 18:12:54 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin pokebotview replay2022-05-26 12:53:55 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin rybot5view replay2022-05-26 07:14:36 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin first_basic_js_atview replay2022-05-26 02:58:48 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie LoomBot1.2view replay2022-05-25 20:25:50 UTC
lose raycastervswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-25 17:43:06 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose TestBotv0.75view replay2022-05-25 12:27:52 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin Lucyfireview replay2022-05-25 11:59:06 UTC
tie Team2vstie ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-25 02:06:22 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Frubot-v0.8view replay2022-05-25 01:49:52 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin TestBotv0.5view replay2022-05-24 17:41:07 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose SimpleBot Cloneview replay2022-05-24 16:06:05 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin pokebotview replay2022-05-24 06:08:05 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin jpbot1view replay2022-05-24 06:02:56 UTC
lose TomsBot2vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-23 15:58:06 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin bitbotview replay2022-05-23 15:11:26 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie YTIKWIDHH v2.1.2view replay2022-05-23 15:02:26 UTC
win YTIKWIDHH v2.1.2vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-23 01:41:20 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie EUCLIDview replay2022-05-23 01:34:18 UTC
lose fuckjsV.0.2vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-22 18:23:01 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie bot 33 1/3: the fview replay2022-05-22 15:58:11 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin sba simplex Aview replay2022-05-22 09:35:20 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose nearestFruitview replay2022-05-22 09:30:43 UTC
win Team2vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-22 00:31:56 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin Mean Botview replay2022-05-21 22:05:40 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie dummiesview replay2022-05-21 20:36:24 UTC
lose EUCLIDvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-21 15:07:05 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin nearestFruitview replay2022-05-21 13:59:41 UTC
win WarehouseBotvslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-21 08:21:40 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin sba simplex Aview replay2022-05-21 07:50:23 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie Oodview replay2022-05-21 02:49:57 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Team2view replay2022-05-21 00:54:50 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose bot 33 1/3: the fview replay2022-05-20 16:27:49 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin first_basic_js_atview replay2022-05-20 13:13:19 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin EUCLIDview replay2022-05-20 04:03:48 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin TomsBot2view replay2022-05-20 01:29:12 UTC
tie LoomBot1.2vstie ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-19 21:17:23 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie pokebotview replay2022-05-19 18:42:37 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose LoomBot.1.2.3view replay2022-05-19 15:29:19 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin LoomBot.1.2.3view replay2022-05-19 13:46:09 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin The MathBot 1.01view replay2022-05-19 10:40:32 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin FruitSammler I.2view replay2022-05-19 08:42:14 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin Get By Value plusview replay2022-05-19 05:01:49 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose Attemptview replay2022-05-19 04:11:29 UTC
win plsbot 1.3vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-18 22:49:59 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie FruitSammler I.2view replay2022-05-18 22:49:47 UTC
tie WarehouseBotvstie ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-18 16:51:36 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose rybot5view replay2022-05-18 16:51:13 UTC
lose WarehouseBotvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-18 13:35:42 UTC
lose SofaButtvswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-18 10:12:07 UTC
lose Team2vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-18 07:23:00 UTC
lose TestBotv0.75vswin ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-18 04:04:36 UTC
tie Team2vstie ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-18 02:13:27 UTC
win Gutmann Swipe 3vslose ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-18 00:45:07 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose first_basic_js_atview replay2022-05-18 00:13:26 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin Mean Botview replay2022-05-17 19:50:55 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin Gutmann Swipe 2view replay2022-05-17 17:04:53 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose fuckjsV.0.2view replay2022-05-17 11:49:00 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose ShortestPathview replay2022-05-17 09:50:55 UTC
lose ARCHIMEDESvswin Frubot-v0.8view replay2022-05-17 07:18:27 UTC
win ARCHIMEDESvslose JavaNator 1.0view replay2022-05-17 04:15:44 UTC
tie ARCHIMEDESvstie Lucyfireview replay2022-05-16 23:24:45 UTC
tie YTIKWIDHH v2.1.2vstie ARCHIMEDESview replay2022-05-16 21:58:11 UTC