Recent games of TimeAdaptiveMinimax

Player 1Player 2ReplayDate
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Feucot v777.7view replay2019-07-22 08:00:25 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Bytehood-0.75view replay2019-07-22 07:51:38 UTC
tie Smell The Flowersvstie TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-07-22 01:08:58 UTC
tie Botman Forevervstie TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-07-22 00:29:50 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin arjuna-06171659view replay2019-07-21 21:26:49 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie GreedyBotview replay2019-07-21 20:45:53 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin ShallowHerbivoreview replay2019-07-21 17:28:51 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose DMB2.3.4view replay2019-07-21 15:30:11 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-07-21 11:33:13 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin fruitwalk-abview replay2019-07-21 08:41:17 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie AL 6.0view replay2019-07-21 04:26:28 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie bot1view replay2019-07-20 23:01:39 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin BasicBotview replay2019-07-20 19:56:20 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Applesfirstview replay2019-07-20 16:33:32 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie PawPaw 2.5 fsa.5bview replay2019-07-20 13:26:29 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Proc Twoview replay2019-07-20 09:01:55 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose AL 5.0view replay2019-07-20 03:58:25 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin steel_man_2.5view replay2019-07-20 02:21:40 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-07-19 21:02:30 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose BestStrat-b-impview replay2019-07-19 17:19:54 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin DMB2.3.4view replay2019-07-19 13:51:24 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie PawPaw 2.5 fsa.5bview replay2019-07-19 10:30:01 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin arjuna-06201720view replay2019-07-19 06:26:12 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose arjuna-06182225view replay2019-07-19 03:36:19 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin I Love YOuview replay2019-07-18 22:13:46 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie steel_man_2.4view replay2019-07-18 20:21:07 UTC
win RohBot v3vslose TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-07-18 17:29:34 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin AL 2.0view replay2019-07-18 14:56:46 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Gravity 0.3view replay2019-07-18 10:48:43 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Look a Lot 4view replay2019-07-18 07:08:30 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose AL 1.0view replay2019-07-18 03:50:22 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin AL 5.0view replay2019-07-17 23:11:49 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Cornucopiaview replay2019-07-17 22:24:41 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose AL 1.0view replay2019-07-17 18:50:08 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Proc One H2view replay2019-07-17 17:41:21 UTC
lose Bennyvswin TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-07-17 13:00:14 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Feucot v77.7view replay2019-07-17 12:56:12 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Feucot v77.7view replay2019-07-17 11:30:58 UTC
lose Proc Twovswin TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-07-17 05:51:40 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose snake103view replay2019-07-16 23:10:19 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin 2ndYrPrgmr 1.4 c+view replay2019-07-16 20:26:26 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose bot209view replay2019-07-16 12:45:58 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Brute Ignorance wview replay2019-07-16 12:32:13 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Tomorrow 4view replay2019-07-16 05:44:49 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie arjuna-06182032view replay2019-07-16 05:35:13 UTC
lose Bennyvswin TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-07-15 23:12:58 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin snake103view replay2019-07-15 21:45:43 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie takibot 0.5.0view replay2019-07-15 20:43:42 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose GreedyBot 1.1view replay2019-07-15 13:16:17 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose bot216view replay2019-07-15 11:40:22 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Look a Lot 5view replay2019-07-15 09:59:14 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Ant Adv Fearful Pview replay2019-07-15 05:41:44 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie arjuna-06201749view replay2019-07-14 23:09:23 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Vitamin Cview replay2019-07-14 17:11:45 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Proc Twoview replay2019-07-14 15:29:49 UTC
tie Proc Two Mvstie TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-07-14 13:34:09 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie arjuna-06182032view replay2019-07-14 09:38:17 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose bot4view replay2019-07-14 07:56:53 UTC
win I Love YOuvslose TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-07-14 04:34:24 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie J1view replay2019-07-14 01:57:02 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Pearview replay2019-07-13 23:00:25 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin fruitwalk-abview replay2019-07-13 20:27:06 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose arjuna-06201749view replay2019-07-13 18:06:27 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose DangerZoneview replay2019-07-13 15:05:52 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Look a Lot 5view replay2019-07-13 13:05:02 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin steel_man_2.5view replay2019-07-13 10:33:51 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Copycat 0.7view replay2019-07-13 08:37:11 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Cornucopiaview replay2019-07-13 05:30:15 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin takibot 0.0.2view replay2019-07-13 04:28:43 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin fruitbat 4 weightview replay2019-07-13 03:11:12 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-07-13 02:19:10 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-07-12 20:39:47 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Ant Adv 2view replay2019-07-12 18:55:45 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Proc Three betaview replay2019-07-12 16:48:43 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie nearest++view replay2019-07-12 15:55:30 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-07-12 14:17:28 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie 2ndYrPrgmr 1.4 c+view replay2019-07-12 12:31:27 UTC
win Proc Two Mvslose TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-07-12 10:13:21 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Ant Adv Fearful Pview replay2019-07-12 09:39:09 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin OSU_AICLUBview replay2019-07-12 07:18:36 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin arjuna-06171659view replay2019-07-12 06:21:55 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Pearview replay2019-07-12 03:55:19 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie rationalview replay2019-07-12 02:24:14 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Feucot v77.7view replay2019-07-12 01:30:59 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie jackBotv2.0view replay2019-07-12 00:18:11 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Copycat 0.6view replay2019-07-11 22:36:12 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Spicebot Accuracyview replay2019-07-11 19:20:36 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose travelerview replay2019-07-11 17:04:18 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-07-11 15:36:02 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Botman Foreverview replay2019-07-11 14:08:28 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin NoBot 3.1view replay2019-07-11 10:01:46 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose 2ndYrPrgmr 1.4 c+view replay2019-07-11 08:14:10 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie RohBot v3view replay2019-07-11 07:07:37 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie fruitwalk-abview replay2019-07-11 05:51:10 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie steel_man_2.4view replay2019-07-11 03:56:37 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie test_oneview replay2019-07-11 01:48:28 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Botman Returnsview replay2019-07-11 00:36:17 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin RohBot v3view replay2019-07-10 22:04:56 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie jackBotv2.0view replay2019-07-10 20:53:24 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Heat Bot 1.4.5view replay2019-07-10 18:50:18 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Proc Two Mview replay2019-07-10 17:12:58 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose arjuna-06171659view replay2019-07-10 15:19:02 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie bot1view replay2019-07-10 14:44:20 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Proc One H2view replay2019-07-10 10:58:34 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose bekub_eq1.4view replay2019-07-10 10:42:01 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Brute Ignorance wview replay2019-07-10 06:57:32 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin bot216view replay2019-07-10 06:30:43 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie AL 6.0view replay2019-07-10 04:23:11 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie steel_man_2.4view replay2019-07-04 23:00:49 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie NoBot 3.5view replay2019-07-04 19:24:45 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin PawPaw 2.5 fsa.5bview replay2019-07-04 16:56:15 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose 2ndYrPrgmr 1.4 c+view replay2019-07-04 06:57:23 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Spicebot Accuracyview replay2019-07-04 03:36:21 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin steel_man_2.1view replay2019-07-03 16:12:05 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-07-03 16:01:12 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie nearest++view replay2019-07-03 08:20:57 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie takibot 0.1.3view replay2019-07-03 07:14:26 UTC
win Proc Two Mvslose TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-07-02 20:01:31 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin ShallowHerbivoreview replay2019-07-02 17:27:18 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie snake28view replay2019-07-02 14:04:21 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Heat Bot 1.4view replay2019-07-02 04:36:20 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Proc Twoview replay2019-07-02 04:19:50 UTC
win Proc Three betavslose TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-07-01 17:20:59 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Tomorrow 4view replay2019-07-01 17:18:08 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose NoBot 3.3view replay2019-07-01 13:11:58 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose takibot 0.5.0view replay2019-07-01 12:50:07 UTC
win Proc Three betavslose TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-07-01 05:04:18 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose OSU_AICLUBview replay2019-06-30 22:40:08 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Vitamin Cview replay2019-06-30 22:25:07 UTC
lose Proc Twovswin TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-06-30 13:49:20 UTC
win Bennyvslose TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-06-30 12:07:12 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose J1view replay2019-06-30 10:46:36 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie steel_man_2.4view replay2019-06-30 04:17:25 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose ShallowHerbivoreview replay2019-06-30 01:15:00 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Evolver v0.2view replay2019-06-29 22:16:13 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Look a Lot 5view replay2019-06-29 18:38:31 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-06-29 14:12:55 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin jackBotv2.0view replay2019-06-29 08:50:37 UTC
win Proc One H2vslose TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-06-29 03:27:33 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Little Bo 2view replay2019-06-28 22:23:59 UTC
win I Love YOuvslose TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-06-28 18:45:44 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin steel_man_2.5view replay2019-06-28 17:28:32 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose bot209view replay2019-06-28 13:10:04 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Applesfirstview replay2019-06-28 10:16:14 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-06-28 05:46:48 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin michaelvillar4view replay2019-06-28 02:30:53 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose EffervescentBotview replay2019-06-27 23:29:38 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin takibot 0.1.1view replay2019-06-27 19:58:22 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie BestStrat-b-impview replay2019-06-27 17:02:53 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose test_oneview replay2019-06-27 12:25:39 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose fruitwalk-abview replay2019-06-27 10:27:06 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie AL 6.0view replay2019-06-27 05:34:36 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie NoBot 3.5view replay2019-06-27 02:14:30 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Simpleton Iview replay2019-06-26 20:53:36 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-06-26 17:41:26 UTC
lose RohBot v4vswin TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-06-26 13:58:21 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie arjuna-06171659view replay2019-06-26 09:21:46 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-06-26 07:02:21 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Simpleton Iview replay2019-06-26 00:29:13 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Stingy v1.2view replay2019-06-26 00:23:01 UTC
win 7MoveMinimaxvslose TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-06-25 08:38:00 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie steel_man_2.5view replay2019-06-25 08:24:21 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin takibot 0.1.3view replay2019-06-25 02:35:45 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-06-24 22:23:21 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Stingy v1.3view replay2019-06-24 19:41:35 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Brute Ignorance wview replay2019-06-24 16:10:09 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie CuriousBananaview replay2019-06-24 10:20:25 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose travelerview replay2019-06-24 03:10:05 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Wormy the 1.45,2.view replay2019-06-23 23:30:53 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Mangoview replay2019-06-23 21:08:03 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin EdenElephantview replay2019-06-23 16:05:05 UTC
lose Proc Twovswin TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-06-23 13:49:14 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Cornucopiaview replay2019-06-23 08:31:13 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Rofuel1view replay2019-06-23 05:00:20 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Bytehood-0.5view replay2019-06-22 22:42:20 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin DFS Flowview replay2019-06-22 20:40:19 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose snake64view replay2019-06-22 16:50:50 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Proc One H2view replay2019-06-22 14:42:05 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-06-22 07:09:20 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Feucot v777view replay2019-06-22 06:17:49 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose ddiehl_05.0_RSL8view replay2019-06-22 00:10:41 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Feucot v77view replay2019-06-21 22:11:06 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie fruitbot 8.1view replay2019-06-21 14:50:24 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose stehems_botview replay2019-06-21 11:24:11 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin DFS Greedy Flowview replay2019-06-21 06:17:42 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Botman Returnsview replay2019-06-21 03:15:59 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose bot216view replay2019-06-21 00:36:59 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Stingy v1.2view replay2019-06-20 19:44:37 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose RohBot v4view replay2019-06-20 16:30:23 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose arjuna-06171531view replay2019-06-20 10:40:24 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Brute Ignorance wview replay2019-06-20 05:23:44 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Fr├╝hlingerwachen view replay2019-06-20 02:29:45 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie CuriousBanana2view replay2019-06-19 22:40:35 UTC
lose FrankTheFiercevswin TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-06-19 21:02:30 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin bot212view replay2019-06-19 18:28:10 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Copycat 0.7view replay2019-06-19 18:02:38 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Et tu, brute?view replay2019-06-19 13:25:48 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin AL 3.0view replay2019-06-19 13:16:57 UTC
win wh00tvslose TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-06-19 02:31:48 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Brute Ignorance wview replay2019-06-19 01:52:53 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin FaceBroke4view replay2019-06-18 20:23:14 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie takibot 0.5.0view replay2019-06-18 16:14:05 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Stingy v1.2view replay2019-06-18 13:31:43 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Botman Foreverview replay2019-06-18 06:35:31 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Spicebot Finalview replay2019-06-18 06:07:03 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie bot100view replay2019-06-17 22:29:20 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose killer_bot 1.1view replay2019-06-17 17:10:46 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Heuro 3view replay2019-06-17 12:50:24 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose RohBot v4view replay2019-06-17 12:03:13 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin fruitbot 0.6view replay2019-06-17 04:19:55 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin EdenElephantview replay2019-06-17 03:46:52 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie bot209view replay2019-06-16 21:36:41 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie steel_man_2.4view replay2019-06-16 20:07:17 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose arjuna-06201749view replay2019-06-16 17:38:53 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie snake28view replay2019-06-16 15:15:37 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Fat Freeview replay2019-06-16 06:53:05 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin jackBotv2.0view replay2019-06-16 03:35:57 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Be Game Efficientview replay2019-06-15 20:59:23 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Botman Returnsview replay2019-06-15 17:46:51 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose GOZBOT 2.1view replay2019-06-15 10:33:57 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Cornucopiaview replay2019-06-15 10:04:22 UTC
lose RohBot v2vswin TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-06-15 03:13:34 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Aurora the Fairy view replay2019-06-15 01:26:12 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie bot212view replay2019-06-14 21:15:43 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie killer_bot 1.1view replay2019-06-14 18:39:24 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose DFS Flowview replay2019-06-14 16:08:04 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin NoBot 3.3 improveview replay2019-06-14 09:37:51 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose fruitbot 0.5view replay2019-06-14 07:34:20 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin rationalview replay2019-06-14 02:57:56 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Juicy Comes Firstview replay2019-06-14 00:44:33 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie arjuna-06201749view replay2019-06-13 22:34:15 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose arjuna-06182032view replay2019-06-13 16:57:36 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin robo1.0view replay2019-06-13 13:02:03 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin FrankTheFierceview replay2019-06-13 06:36:33 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Spicebot Finalview replay2019-06-13 04:27:09 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-06-12 22:15:14 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-06-12 20:15:56 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin michaelvillar4view replay2019-06-12 11:51:25 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Proc One H2view replay2019-06-12 09:01:55 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie PawPaw 2.5 fsa.5bview replay2019-06-12 04:40:38 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Feucot v77.77view replay2019-06-12 00:42:16 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin Heat Bot 1.3view replay2019-06-11 20:36:01 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Look a Lot 5view replay2019-06-11 16:55:55 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Simpleton Iview replay2019-06-11 13:06:55 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie EffervescentBotview replay2019-06-11 11:09:58 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Gravity 0.4view replay2019-06-11 04:23:11 UTC
win TimeAdaptiveMinimvslose Proc One H2view replay2019-06-11 03:23:05 UTC
tie TimeAdaptiveMinimvstie Be More Efficientview replay2019-06-10 21:45:56 UTC
lose TimeAdaptiveMinimvswin bot216view replay2019-06-10 21:39:49 UTC
win GarryTheGreatvslose TimeAdaptiveMinimview replay2019-06-10 07:57:53 UTC