Recent games of IndianaScones

Player 1Player 2ReplayDate
lose Wooky v0.1vswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-12-12 05:10:19 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin SimpleMind v1view replay2019-12-12 00:04:42 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose Feucot v2view replay2019-12-11 23:00:20 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin PrudentPterodactview replay2019-12-11 15:59:28 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin evadeBotview replay2019-12-11 11:44:23 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose HaBotview replay2019-12-11 04:52:06 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Bob4view replay2019-12-11 03:21:17 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin sexy_underpant_vaview replay2019-12-10 22:31:29 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin usagi-ho-jrview replay2019-12-10 22:01:33 UTC
tie Wooky v0.1vstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-12-10 13:43:34 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie boo_bot v0.56view replay2019-12-10 11:14:09 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose HarryBotterview replay2019-12-10 07:50:08 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie michaelvillar2debview replay2019-12-10 03:47:23 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose takibot 0.4.1view replay2019-12-10 00:57:30 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin HKMk8view replay2019-12-09 19:53:28 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose shinerview replay2019-12-09 15:33:35 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose Mr Pickyview replay2019-12-09 10:37:40 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose Latestview replay2019-12-09 06:26:17 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose R2D2view replay2019-12-09 04:07:51 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose bcd-prioview replay2019-12-08 21:24:23 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Elmoview replay2019-12-08 19:26:09 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie SpiltMilkview replay2019-12-08 13:35:30 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin BruteBotview replay2019-12-08 11:03:07 UTC
win YTIKWIDHH v2.1.3vslose IndianaSconesview replay2019-12-08 05:10:22 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose fruitbotview replay2019-12-08 02:32:50 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Magnus IXview replay2019-12-08 00:23:41 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie WanBot 2.k2view replay2019-12-07 15:23:48 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Mr Pickyview replay2019-12-07 14:02:16 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose YTIKWIDHH v2.1.0view replay2019-12-07 08:52:07 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie jackBotv1.3view replay2019-12-07 08:41:10 UTC
tie Banksybotvstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-12-06 23:03:13 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie michaelvillar2debview replay2019-12-06 22:40:15 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose naive_guyview replay2019-12-06 20:46:27 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Latestview replay2019-12-06 11:27:40 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Kaizerv4view replay2019-12-06 10:48:29 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Botlineview replay2019-12-06 04:15:37 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose evadeBotview replay2019-12-06 04:13:41 UTC
tie ForceBotv2vstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-12-05 18:44:57 UTC
lose hi_facepunchvswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-12-05 15:19:11 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin usagi-ho-jrview replay2019-12-05 15:18:31 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie sexy_underpant_boview replay2019-12-05 12:04:29 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose greedy_babyview replay2019-12-05 08:31:11 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Wooky v0.1view replay2019-12-05 05:32:27 UTC
lose Gilgamech's Juicevswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-12-04 19:51:20 UTC
lose 1stBotvswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-12-04 16:55:54 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin boo_bot v0.55view replay2019-12-04 09:46:54 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose peerless4.2view replay2019-12-04 09:01:11 UTC
tie switchervstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-12-03 20:27:08 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose bmckview replay2019-12-03 18:07:16 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie HKMk3view replay2019-12-03 17:51:50 UTC
lose first_try_v0.02vswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-12-03 08:08:54 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin varty 7view replay2019-12-03 03:36:13 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin shiner avoiderview replay2019-12-02 23:41:03 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Tronbotview replay2019-12-02 18:24:02 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose usagi-ho-jrview replay2019-12-02 14:48:06 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie YTIKWIDHH v2.1.1view replay2019-12-02 08:48:25 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Feucot v6view replay2019-12-02 05:12:58 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Mainwing2.0view replay2019-12-01 19:41:51 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin boo_bot v0.55bview replay2019-12-01 18:49:08 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin sexy_underpant_vaview replay2019-12-01 12:55:22 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Herbststurm IVview replay2019-12-01 11:28:39 UTC
win switcher4vslose IndianaSconesview replay2019-12-01 02:18:00 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Tronbotview replay2019-12-01 01:11:57 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Robo McBotview replay2019-11-30 16:57:14 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie shiner highest raview replay2019-11-30 16:33:32 UTC
lose HaBotvswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-30 10:01:55 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Condiment.001view replay2019-11-30 06:10:27 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie ClusterChaserview replay2019-11-30 03:30:55 UTC
tie naive_guyvstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-29 16:07:47 UTC
win Swagluator v1.0vslose IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-29 14:34:09 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose sexy_underpant_boview replay2019-11-29 13:16:10 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Bobview replay2019-11-29 10:26:14 UTC
lose Latestvswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-29 02:17:33 UTC
lose HaBotvswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-28 17:08:37 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose GreedBotview replay2019-11-28 16:33:40 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie shiner more penalview replay2019-11-28 13:25:10 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose peerless4.1view replay2019-11-28 10:11:27 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose tindi-potaview replay2019-11-28 02:36:18 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie boo_bot v0.55view replay2019-11-27 22:39:01 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie cinnamonview replay2019-11-27 21:19:43 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin BotBotBot v1view replay2019-11-27 17:23:40 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose shiner shortest +view replay2019-11-27 16:00:52 UTC
tie Swagluator v1.0vstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-27 08:39:05 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Banksybotview replay2019-11-27 08:05:31 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose shiner more penalview replay2019-11-27 00:15:35 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin bmckview replay2019-11-26 23:59:54 UTC
lose ndc-2vswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-26 13:45:55 UTC
tie switcher2vstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-26 04:31:24 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Third-timerview replay2019-11-26 04:30:47 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Humble Hodorview replay2019-11-26 03:25:11 UTC
win sw.r1vslose IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-25 23:39:23 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin digdugbot Mview replay2019-11-25 21:33:17 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose BonkBot 1.0view replay2019-11-25 15:27:44 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie DoseTestview replay2019-11-25 11:19:34 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose HKMk7view replay2019-11-25 08:11:22 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose Swagluator v1.0view replay2019-11-25 03:34:34 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose shiner shortest +view replay2019-11-25 00:56:42 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie michaelvillar2view replay2019-11-24 18:12:33 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose HKMk4view replay2019-11-24 16:52:46 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin usagi-ho-jrview replay2019-11-24 13:57:15 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin STUPIDBOTview replay2019-11-24 10:45:57 UTC
tie Wooky v0.1vstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-24 04:36:53 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose shiner longest + view replay2019-11-24 01:36:32 UTC
win naive_guyvslose IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-23 21:03:29 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Buschiview replay2019-11-23 17:05:59 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie test02view replay2019-11-23 13:03:42 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin naive_guyview replay2019-11-23 07:23:38 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie sexy_underpant_boview replay2019-11-23 03:26:23 UTC
win Prettyokbot — OSUvslose IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-23 01:26:39 UTC
lose ExtermLUAtor v2.5vswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-22 19:52:43 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie peerless4.1view replay2019-11-22 15:44:05 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie peerless4*15view replay2019-11-22 09:41:22 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin HarryBotterview replay2019-11-22 07:45:48 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie shinerview replay2019-11-22 00:49:38 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie HKMk7view replay2019-11-21 23:46:22 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose kcon_IIIview replay2019-11-21 15:56:57 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose Bob2view replay2019-11-21 15:55:07 UTC
lose divbot 2vswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-21 02:51:51 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin first try eview replay2019-11-21 02:34:09 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose tindi-pota-uber-fview replay2019-11-20 20:41:59 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Kaizerv4view replay2019-11-20 16:27:11 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose arjuna-06180117view replay2019-11-20 08:15:50 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Gilgamech's Juiceview replay2019-11-20 03:53:40 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose shiner more penalview replay2019-11-20 00:25:08 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin michaelvillarview replay2019-11-19 16:57:48 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin PrudentBotview replay2019-11-19 14:05:40 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose Kaizerv4view replay2019-11-19 08:28:43 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Kiwanoview replay2019-11-19 06:21:56 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin takibot 0.4.1view replay2019-11-18 22:26:11 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-11-18 22:23:28 UTC
tie switchervstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-18 12:15:04 UTC
lose dance of the cosmvswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-18 05:44:09 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Kiwanoview replay2019-11-18 05:43:13 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose BonkBot 1.1view replay2019-11-17 22:12:45 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Kaizerv3view replay2019-11-17 19:33:41 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie HKMk8view replay2019-11-17 11:29:41 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose Geronimo 1.0.5view replay2019-11-17 11:28:31 UTC
lose Gilgamech's Juicevswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-16 23:24:57 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin shinerview replay2019-11-16 23:14:38 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie evadeBotview replay2019-11-16 19:41:19 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin 4ud0view replay2019-11-16 15:16:05 UTC
win switcher2vslose IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-16 11:41:31 UTC
tie Mainwing2.0vstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-16 08:18:52 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie YTIKWIDHH v2.1.1view replay2019-11-16 05:21:17 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin test02view replay2019-11-15 22:47:58 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin testerview replay2019-11-15 15:16:17 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose peerless4.1view replay2019-11-15 10:59:42 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Bob2view replay2019-11-15 07:03:06 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie switcher2view replay2019-11-15 03:19:51 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Kiwanoview replay2019-11-14 22:22:28 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Heat Bot 1.5view replay2019-11-14 18:44:09 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose SimpleMind v1view replay2019-11-14 13:02:07 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin YTIKWIDHH v2.1.1view replay2019-11-14 07:56:53 UTC
lose hi_facepunchvswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-14 01:22:18 UTC
tie Whiterockvstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-13 17:10:50 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin ClusterChaserview replay2019-11-13 16:10:19 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin peerless4.2view replay2019-11-13 13:19:24 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose takibot 0.4.1view replay2019-11-13 05:02:50 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Latestview replay2019-11-13 04:25:23 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Kaizerv3view replay2019-11-12 23:04:24 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose Da LUA Bot MK1view replay2019-11-12 19:22:11 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie hi_facepunchview replay2019-11-12 12:29:07 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie hi_facepunchview replay2019-11-12 11:15:32 UTC
tie WanBot 1vstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-12 02:35:02 UTC
lose first_try_v0.02vswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-11 22:54:04 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Third-timerview replay2019-11-11 22:20:42 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Magnus VIview replay2019-11-11 14:35:46 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose peerless4*2view replay2019-11-11 07:10:17 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Wooky v0.1view replay2019-11-11 01:12:13 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin hi_facepunchview replay2019-11-10 21:59:28 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose shiner shortest +view replay2019-11-10 14:52:25 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Wooky v0.1view replay2019-11-10 13:12:12 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin I Smell Fruitview replay2019-11-10 09:26:46 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose Kaizerv3view replay2019-11-10 03:20:20 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose steel_man_0view replay2019-11-09 20:19:25 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose Humble Hodorview replay2019-11-09 17:37:37 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie WanBot 2.xview replay2019-11-09 13:48:41 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Feucot v6view replay2019-11-09 10:18:25 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin sw.r1view replay2019-11-09 07:46:57 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin simplebot3-yazview replay2019-11-09 04:16:48 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose peerless4*5view replay2019-11-08 18:26:12 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie STUPIDBOTview replay2019-11-08 17:28:19 UTC
tie 7-AerisBotvstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-08 12:52:15 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose digdugbotview replay2019-11-08 11:44:40 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Frugivoreview replay2019-11-08 04:09:20 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Condiment.001view replay2019-11-08 03:54:58 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose PrudentBotview replay2019-11-07 21:42:05 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie hi_facepunchview replay2019-11-07 20:39:01 UTC
lose WanBot 1vswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-07 12:58:05 UTC
win switchervslose IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-07 10:42:40 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie NoBot 2.1.1view replay2019-11-07 09:05:14 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose naive_guyview replay2019-11-07 05:49:10 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Condiment.001view replay2019-11-07 04:03:30 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin peerless4.1view replay2019-11-07 00:17:26 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin BonkBot 1.0view replay2019-11-06 22:09:26 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Impartial Calculoview replay2019-11-06 17:35:24 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose Heat Bot 1.5view replay2019-11-06 14:07:08 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin naive_guyview replay2019-11-06 08:05:10 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin evadeBotview replay2019-11-06 02:58:45 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Wooky v0.1view replay2019-11-05 22:40:27 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose first try fview replay2019-11-05 18:37:44 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Feucot v4view replay2019-11-05 12:19:31 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin SimpleMind v1view replay2019-11-05 00:34:35 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose Botlineview replay2019-11-04 18:17:35 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose FruitarianBot v1.view replay2019-11-04 16:33:01 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Zombie IIview replay2019-11-04 09:55:27 UTC
tie divbot 2vstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-04 04:19:44 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie bakasura-fruit-coview replay2019-11-03 22:35:02 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie boo_bot v0.55view replay2019-11-03 20:11:53 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose Mr Picky mk2view replay2019-11-03 15:41:06 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose Kaizerv3view replay2019-11-03 12:18:38 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Kaizerv3view replay2019-11-03 08:18:57 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie shiner shortest +view replay2019-11-03 06:53:59 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose vartyview replay2019-11-03 03:37:57 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin veggy3.2view replay2019-11-03 02:21:26 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin GOZBOT 2.0view replay2019-11-02 18:02:15 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie shiner more penalview replay2019-11-02 18:00:30 UTC
lose dance of the cosmvswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-02 07:29:05 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose STUPIDBOTview replay2019-11-02 04:35:30 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Jujube bview replay2019-11-02 03:31:15 UTC
lose Gilgamech's Juicevswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-02 00:25:47 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Condiment.002view replay2019-11-01 23:14:41 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose peerless4.1view replay2019-11-01 21:45:30 UTC
tie testervstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-11-01 12:33:57 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Feucot v6view replay2019-11-01 05:19:24 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Wooky v0.1view replay2019-11-01 04:56:23 UTC
tie Wooky v0.1vstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-10-31 21:27:35 UTC
tie Swagluator v1.0vstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-10-31 17:07:55 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose WanBot 1view replay2019-10-31 15:47:27 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie shiner rangerview replay2019-10-31 15:46:02 UTC
lose naive_guyvswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-10-31 09:13:59 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Synehbot v0.3view replay2019-10-31 07:44:43 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin dance of the cosmview replay2019-10-31 07:44:11 UTC
lose Swagluator v1.0vswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-10-30 22:23:45 UTC
lose WanBot 1vswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-10-30 19:29:11 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie shiner shortestview replay2019-10-30 16:37:54 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose peerless4*2view replay2019-10-30 15:03:50 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-10-30 11:41:05 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin GOZBOT 2.0view replay2019-10-30 10:15:44 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie testerview replay2019-10-30 04:10:17 UTC
tie IndianaSconesvstie Bob7view replay2019-10-30 03:54:45 UTC
lose naive_guyvswin IndianaSconesview replay2019-10-29 23:57:30 UTC
tie Mainwing2.0vstie IndianaSconesview replay2019-10-29 20:26:26 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin YTIKWIDHH v2.0.3view replay2019-10-29 19:24:00 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose tindi-pota-uber-fview replay2019-10-29 16:37:44 UTC
win first_try_v0.02vslose IndianaSconesview replay2019-10-29 12:03:07 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin peerless4.2view replay2019-10-29 09:25:58 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Noobot v0.4.5view replay2019-10-29 04:58:09 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin Noobot v0.4.5view replay2019-10-28 21:26:42 UTC
win IndianaSconesvslose Herbststurm IIview replay2019-10-28 18:34:41 UTC