Recent games of tester

Player 1Player 2ReplayDate
tie testervstie Impartial Awakeview replay2020-02-26 18:13:37 UTC
lose testervswin Bob2view replay2020-02-26 16:32:28 UTC
win YTIKWIDHH v2.1.3vslose testerview replay2020-02-26 09:51:45 UTC
lose Latestvswin testerview replay2020-02-26 03:36:38 UTC
tie testervstie Wooky v0.1view replay2020-02-26 03:35:14 UTC
tie Wooky v0.1vstie testerview replay2020-02-25 18:59:20 UTC
win testervslose peerless4.2view replay2020-02-25 18:54:17 UTC
lose testervswin peerless4.2view replay2020-02-25 16:36:37 UTC
win testervslose Heat Bot 1.5view replay2020-02-25 12:13:17 UTC
tie testervstie Feucotview replay2020-02-25 06:09:57 UTC
win testervslose naive_guyview replay2020-02-24 23:03:25 UTC
tie WanBot 1vstie testerview replay2020-02-24 19:21:59 UTC
win Botlinevslose testerview replay2020-02-24 12:39:18 UTC
lose 1stBotvswin testerview replay2020-02-24 05:39:12 UTC
lose testervswin SmartGreedyBotview replay2020-02-24 04:57:40 UTC
lose testervswin shiner shortest +view replay2020-02-24 04:26:59 UTC
tie switcher2vstie testerview replay2020-02-23 23:22:16 UTC
tie testervstie Buschiview replay2020-02-23 20:29:14 UTC
tie testervstie peerless4*15view replay2020-02-23 18:02:42 UTC
win testervslose Feucot v2view replay2020-02-23 12:42:33 UTC
lose testervswin The MathBot 2.01view replay2020-02-23 03:34:34 UTC
win testervslose HaBotview replay2020-02-23 01:33:51 UTC
tie testervstie Mr Pickyview replay2020-02-22 21:15:49 UTC
win switcher2vslose testerview replay2020-02-22 20:26:28 UTC
win testervslose bhimaview replay2020-02-22 13:32:33 UTC
win testervslose michaelvillar2debview replay2020-02-22 10:46:52 UTC
tie testervstie takibot 0.4.1view replay2020-02-22 06:35:12 UTC
lose testervswin Buschiview replay2020-02-22 03:50:18 UTC
tie testervstie test02view replay2020-02-22 01:05:49 UTC
win testervslose bakasura-fruit-coview replay2020-02-21 22:22:45 UTC
lose testervswin IndianaSconesview replay2020-02-21 18:09:10 UTC
win testervslose michaelvillar2debview replay2020-02-21 15:39:06 UTC
win testervslose Condiment.002view replay2020-02-21 10:45:42 UTC
lose testervswin shiner shortest +view replay2020-02-21 05:19:59 UTC
tie Wooky v0.1vstie testerview replay2020-02-20 22:25:59 UTC
tie testervstie shiner ranger rarview replay2020-02-20 18:44:25 UTC
lose testervswin Botlineview replay2020-02-20 17:43:19 UTC
tie Kiwanovstie testerview replay2020-02-20 07:46:33 UTC
tie testervstie Ant Groupview replay2020-02-20 07:43:47 UTC
win testervslose ddiehl_02view replay2020-02-20 05:15:52 UTC
tie testervstie HKMk3view replay2020-02-20 00:45:38 UTC
lose testervswin HarryBotterview replay2020-02-19 21:12:51 UTC
tie testervstie SimpleMind v1view replay2020-02-19 16:31:39 UTC
tie testervstie bla4gee_bot_7view replay2020-02-19 15:56:12 UTC
win testervslose HKMk6view replay2020-02-19 10:07:45 UTC
tie testervstie shiner avoidance view replay2020-02-19 07:50:42 UTC
win testervslose sexy_underpant_boview replay2020-02-19 04:55:48 UTC
win testervslose Zombie Iview replay2020-02-18 22:14:46 UTC
win testervslose Feucotview replay2020-02-18 16:36:21 UTC
win testervslose veggy3.2view replay2020-02-18 14:48:30 UTC
win testervslose limebronzeview replay2020-02-18 11:16:29 UTC
win testervslose Osmitron1.0view replay2020-02-18 07:41:49 UTC
win testervslose boo_bot v0.55bview replay2020-02-18 01:03:50 UTC
win testervslose varty 5view replay2020-02-17 21:17:35 UTC
lose testervswin RoboBot01view replay2020-02-17 13:03:48 UTC
lose testervswin fruitbot 0.8view replay2020-02-17 10:32:55 UTC
tie testervstie bla4gee_original_view replay2020-02-17 06:27:32 UTC
lose testervswin Whiterockview replay2020-02-17 02:20:08 UTC
win testervslose The MathBot 2.0view replay2020-02-16 21:15:52 UTC
tie testervstie Banksybotview replay2020-02-16 16:21:37 UTC
lose testervswin Prioritizer 2view replay2020-02-16 10:24:18 UTC
lose testervswin Pillowbot 5000view replay2020-02-16 07:06:17 UTC
lose testervswin peerless4.1view replay2020-02-15 22:27:28 UTC
win testervslose shiner longest + view replay2020-02-15 17:43:15 UTC
win testervslose JJsuper_duper_betview replay2020-02-15 13:17:56 UTC
lose RoboBot01vswin testerview replay2020-02-15 10:09:44 UTC
win testervslose BjarkeBotview replay2020-02-15 03:15:36 UTC
lose testervswin evadeBotview replay2020-02-14 23:45:51 UTC
tie testervstie shiner shortestview replay2020-02-14 14:25:16 UTC
tie testervstie tim_bot1view replay2020-02-14 14:24:22 UTC
win WanBot 1vslose testerview replay2020-02-14 04:48:56 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie testerview replay2020-02-14 00:29:57 UTC
lose testervswin pdiffview replay2020-02-13 22:48:41 UTC
lose testervswin Rofuel2view replay2020-02-13 19:05:19 UTC
lose evadeBotvswin testerview replay2020-02-13 13:46:39 UTC
lose testervswin chaos_botview replay2020-02-13 10:52:08 UTC
lose testervswin arjuna-06180117view replay2020-02-13 07:52:48 UTC
tie testervstie DiscerningBotview replay2020-02-13 03:44:34 UTC
lose testervswin HKMk7view replay2020-02-12 23:16:55 UTC
win testervslose Ant Who Careview replay2020-02-12 18:03:57 UTC
tie testervstie Kaizerv3view replay2020-02-12 15:19:25 UTC
win testervslose Latestview replay2020-02-12 09:38:40 UTC
tie testervstie michaelvillar2debview replay2020-02-12 04:33:23 UTC
win testervslose 7-AerisBotview replay2020-02-12 00:47:01 UTC
win testervslose Banksybotview replay2020-02-11 22:50:38 UTC
lose testervswin Fourth Botview replay2020-02-11 18:49:40 UTC
win testervslose tindi-pota-uber-fview replay2020-02-11 11:22:22 UTC
lose testervswin BonkBot 1.0view replay2020-02-11 05:56:06 UTC
tie testervstie JJsuper_duper_betview replay2020-02-10 20:50:46 UTC
win testervslose STUPIDBOTview replay2020-02-10 16:31:03 UTC
win testervslose Banksybotview replay2020-02-10 12:47:42 UTC
lose testervswin Geronimo 1.0.5view replay2020-02-10 07:02:52 UTC
tie testervstie mcgriedy-it+rnd-view replay2020-02-10 01:42:19 UTC
win testervslose jackBotv1.3view replay2020-02-09 23:59:37 UTC
tie testervstie The MathBot 2.01view replay2020-02-09 20:49:31 UTC
win testervslose BjarkeBotview replay2020-02-09 20:24:28 UTC
lose testervswin FruitarianBot v1.view replay2020-02-09 14:25:08 UTC
tie testervstie RoboBot01view replay2020-02-09 13:02:43 UTC
win testervslose JJsuper_duper_betview replay2020-02-09 09:22:52 UTC
lose testervswin bakasura-fruitview replay2020-02-09 07:39:30 UTC
lose testervswin varty 1view replay2020-02-09 03:07:06 UTC
tie testervstie HKMk3view replay2020-02-08 23:47:02 UTC
win Mainwing2.0vslose testerview replay2020-02-08 14:39:23 UTC
lose evadeBotvswin testerview replay2020-02-08 13:38:08 UTC
lose testervswin GOZBOT 1.2view replay2020-02-08 12:01:16 UTC
tie testervstie RoboBot01view replay2020-02-08 09:30:12 UTC
lose testervswin digdugbot +2view replay2020-02-08 06:17:55 UTC
tie testervstie bhima-smarterview replay2020-02-07 21:43:36 UTC
win testervslose shiner lowest rarview replay2020-02-07 16:54:44 UTC
tie testervstie Impartial Calculoview replay2020-02-07 14:29:47 UTC
tie testervstie Ant Groupview replay2020-02-07 08:13:09 UTC
win testervslose First-timer botview replay2020-02-07 00:56:42 UTC
lose testervswin parallexview replay2020-02-06 22:18:32 UTC
win testervslose WanBot 1view replay2020-02-06 13:24:26 UTC
lose testervswin Ant Groupview replay2020-02-06 08:37:58 UTC
lose testervswin Zombie Iview replay2020-02-06 01:14:36 UTC
lose testervswin The MathBot 3.01view replay2020-02-05 21:12:53 UTC
win testervslose The MathBot 2.0view replay2020-02-05 16:13:14 UTC
tie Prettyokbot — OSUvstie testerview replay2020-02-05 12:32:54 UTC
lose testervswin The MathBot 2.0view replay2020-02-05 06:55:53 UTC
tie testervstie HKMk4view replay2020-02-05 04:26:50 UTC
tie Mainwing2.0vstie testerview replay2020-02-04 17:42:20 UTC
lose testervswin ddiehl_02view replay2020-02-04 13:23:09 UTC
lose testervswin Impartial Optimalview replay2020-02-04 13:22:15 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie testerview replay2020-02-03 22:08:05 UTC
lose testervswin boo_bot v0.55bview replay2020-02-03 21:39:12 UTC
win testervslose Tronbot IIview replay2020-02-03 20:49:29 UTC
tie testervstie HarryBotterview replay2020-02-03 12:32:33 UTC
win testervslose digdugbot +2view replay2020-02-03 11:41:27 UTC
win testervslose WanBot 1view replay2020-02-03 04:16:29 UTC
lose testervswin sexy_underpant_vaview replay2020-02-03 03:05:57 UTC
lose testervswin Magnus Xview replay2020-02-02 22:34:49 UTC
tie testervstie michaelvillar2debview replay2020-02-02 22:11:56 UTC
tie Botlinevstie testerview replay2020-02-02 12:00:53 UTC
lose testervswin Frugivore v1.1view replay2020-02-02 11:45:52 UTC
win testervslose varty 5view replay2020-02-02 07:47:39 UTC
lose testervswin IndianaSconesview replay2020-02-02 05:30:57 UTC
lose testervswin digdugbot +2view replay2020-02-02 02:09:11 UTC
lose testervswin Tronbotview replay2020-02-01 21:01:28 UTC
tie testervstie Frugivoreview replay2020-02-01 20:38:08 UTC
tie testervstie JJsuper_duper_betview replay2020-02-01 14:52:44 UTC
lose testervswin divbot 2view replay2020-02-01 14:33:41 UTC
win SioBotv0.2vslose testerview replay2020-02-01 00:47:25 UTC
win switcher2vslose testerview replay2020-01-31 22:53:05 UTC
win Gilgamech's Juicevslose testerview replay2020-01-31 15:38:42 UTC
lose YTIKWIDHH v2.1.1vswin testerview replay2020-01-31 10:35:43 UTC
lose testervswin Bobview replay2020-01-31 10:31:24 UTC
win testervslose Gilgamech's Juiceview replay2020-01-31 09:02:07 UTC
win testervslose boo_bot v0.55cview replay2020-01-30 18:30:10 UTC
tie testervstie AReallyGoodBotv1view replay2020-01-30 15:00:05 UTC
lose testervswin Magnus XIview replay2020-01-30 07:23:47 UTC
lose testervswin Immortal Joeview replay2020-01-30 06:35:09 UTC
win testervslose Zombie Iview replay2020-01-29 22:02:15 UTC
win testervslose HarryBotterview replay2020-01-29 22:01:06 UTC
tie switcher3vstie testerview replay2020-01-29 10:14:15 UTC
tie YTIKWIDHH v2.1.0vstie testerview replay2020-01-29 05:35:23 UTC
win testervslose test01view replay2020-01-29 04:27:28 UTC
win testervslose HarryBotterview replay2020-01-29 01:18:41 UTC
tie testervstie bhima-dumbview replay2020-01-28 20:20:18 UTC
tie testervstie peerless4*15view replay2020-01-28 17:38:41 UTC
lose testervswin peerless4*5view replay2020-01-28 13:36:02 UTC
win testervslose peerless4*5view replay2020-01-28 08:36:25 UTC
tie testervstie HarryBotterview replay2020-01-28 05:36:36 UTC
lose testervswin tindi-pota-uber-fview replay2020-01-28 03:47:38 UTC
lose testervswin test02view replay2020-01-27 20:47:39 UTC
tie testervstie bakasura-fruit-coview replay2020-01-27 19:46:00 UTC
lose Wooky v0.1vswin testerview replay2020-01-27 10:25:11 UTC
lose testervswin Frugivoreview replay2020-01-27 09:56:36 UTC
win testervslose Minimalisticview replay2020-01-27 08:26:53 UTC
win testervslose Kiwanoview replay2020-01-27 01:30:53 UTC
win testervslose DiscerningBotview replay2020-01-26 21:24:24 UTC
win testervslose divbot 2view replay2020-01-26 18:53:54 UTC
win testervslose GOZBOT 2.0view replay2020-01-26 12:40:30 UTC
tie testervstie Banksybotview replay2020-01-26 06:03:03 UTC
tie testervstie michaelvillar2debview replay2020-01-26 01:59:26 UTC
tie testervstie Frugivoreview replay2020-01-25 23:26:51 UTC
win testervslose GOZBOT 1.2view replay2020-01-25 20:03:31 UTC
tie testervstie Swagluator v1.0view replay2020-01-25 16:50:50 UTC
win testervslose GOZBOT 2.0view replay2020-01-25 13:28:13 UTC
tie testervstie chaos_botview replay2020-01-25 07:53:48 UTC
lose testervswin I Smell Fruitview replay2020-01-25 02:38:28 UTC
tie testervstie Mr Picky mk2view replay2020-01-24 18:31:19 UTC
tie testervstie FruitPrometheus_vview replay2020-01-24 14:38:30 UTC
lose IndianaSconesvswin testerview replay2020-01-24 09:26:11 UTC
lose testervswin bakasura-fruit-coview replay2020-01-24 04:56:24 UTC
win testervslose bhima-smarterview replay2020-01-24 04:36:28 UTC
win testervslose naive_guyview replay2020-01-23 21:00:18 UTC
win testervslose Geronimo 1.0.5view replay2020-01-23 18:53:53 UTC
tie testervstie evadeBotview replay2020-01-23 10:01:59 UTC
win testervslose First-timer botview replay2020-01-23 09:17:05 UTC
win testervslose DiscerningBotview replay2020-01-23 07:04:43 UTC
win testervslose bla4gee_bot_5view replay2020-01-23 05:26:49 UTC
tie usagi-hovstie testerview replay2020-01-22 23:19:08 UTC
win testervslose vartyview replay2020-01-22 22:16:38 UTC
tie testervstie bhima-clusterview replay2020-01-22 12:57:30 UTC
tie testervstie peerless4*5view replay2020-01-22 11:48:53 UTC
lose evadeBotvswin testerview replay2020-01-21 19:48:21 UTC
lose Mainwing3.0vswin testerview replay2020-01-21 17:36:12 UTC
tie testervstie peerless4*5view replay2020-01-21 15:16:31 UTC
tie testervstie Stupid Weighted Bview replay2020-01-21 10:01:03 UTC
win testervslose Mainwing3.0view replay2020-01-21 05:40:35 UTC
win testervslose varty 4view replay2020-01-21 01:18:30 UTC
tie testervstie varty 4view replay2020-01-20 13:45:15 UTC
tie testervstie boo_bot v0.5bview replay2020-01-20 11:30:17 UTC
tie testervstie First-timer botview replay2020-01-20 04:10:44 UTC
tie WanBot 1vstie testerview replay2020-01-20 01:44:18 UTC
tie testervstie Prioritizerview replay2020-01-19 20:15:35 UTC
lose testervswin test01view replay2020-01-19 20:12:42 UTC
tie dance of the cosmvstie testerview replay2020-01-19 10:52:36 UTC
win testervslose ao-nrecview replay2020-01-19 10:52:15 UTC
win testervslose vartyview replay2020-01-19 06:32:19 UTC
win testervslose a bit pickyview replay2020-01-19 04:00:13 UTC
lose testervswin bhimaview replay2020-01-18 23:04:07 UTC
lose testervswin bla4gee_bot_5view replay2020-01-18 22:40:42 UTC
win testervslose NoBot 2.1.1view replay2020-01-18 14:27:33 UTC
tie testervstie limebronzeview replay2020-01-18 13:24:54 UTC
lose ndc-2vswin testerview replay2020-01-18 04:13:05 UTC
tie testervstie bla4gee_bot_5view replay2020-01-18 03:58:23 UTC
tie testervstie One Stoneview replay2020-01-18 02:06:50 UTC
tie testervstie first try gview replay2020-01-17 20:57:14 UTC
lose testervswin nodnarb 0.2view replay2020-01-17 19:27:10 UTC
lose testervswin mcgriedy-it+rnd-view replay2020-01-17 10:56:17 UTC
win testervslose test01view replay2020-01-17 10:48:37 UTC
lose naive_guyvswin testerview replay2020-01-16 23:24:07 UTC
tie testervstie Synehbot v0.3view replay2020-01-16 23:19:24 UTC
lose testervswin Synehbot v0.2view replay2020-01-16 15:45:20 UTC
tie testervstie steel_man_0view replay2020-01-16 15:28:19 UTC
tie Mainwing3.0vstie testerview replay2020-01-16 09:10:58 UTC
tie Latestvstie testerview replay2020-01-16 04:38:19 UTC
lose 5MoveMinimaxvswin testerview replay2020-01-16 00:03:28 UTC
tie ndc-1vstie testerview replay2020-01-15 18:23:22 UTC
win testervslose champuview replay2020-01-15 16:00:39 UTC
tie testervstie Osmitron1.0view replay2020-01-15 14:02:25 UTC
lose testervswin Return of the Fruview replay2020-01-15 06:25:38 UTC
lose testervswin Rofuel3view replay2020-01-15 03:54:39 UTC
tie testervstie daveview replay2020-01-14 19:55:54 UTC
lose testervswin The MathBot 3.01view replay2020-01-14 19:16:52 UTC
win testervslose The Hulkview replay2020-01-14 13:11:29 UTC
win testervslose DreDayBotview replay2020-01-14 12:52:12 UTC
lose Moc's botvswin testerview replay2020-01-14 01:43:02 UTC
tie testervstie digdugbot Mview replay2020-01-14 00:22:02 UTC
tie testervstie champuview replay2020-01-14 00:13:18 UTC
lose testervswin Synehbot v0.1view replay2020-01-13 19:20:19 UTC
lose testervswin STUPIDBOTview replay2020-01-13 19:18:14 UTC
lose The Hulkvswin testerview replay2020-01-13 00:29:14 UTC
win testervslose bhima-clusterview replay2020-01-12 23:09:17 UTC
win testervslose GFX47_bot1view replay2020-01-12 21:23:19 UTC
lose testervswin bhima-smarterview replay2020-01-12 13:40:02 UTC
tie testervstie peerless4*5view replay2020-01-12 08:55:01 UTC
win testervslose SimpleBot-v2-chatview replay2020-01-12 04:05:06 UTC