Recent games of sw.r1

Player 1Player 2ReplayDate
lose sw.r1vswin Zwolf11_Hello_Facview replay2019-06-24 22:25:59 UTC
win sw.r1vslose FaceBrokeview replay2019-06-24 19:33:21 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie First Things Firsview replay2019-06-24 16:13:12 UTC
win sw.r1vslose SioBotv0.2view replay2019-06-24 09:10:58 UTC
win sw.r1vslose ICheatview replay2019-06-24 03:13:46 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie C-3POview replay2019-06-23 23:17:30 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie ChinookSurfer0.4view replay2019-06-23 21:13:22 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-06-23 15:56:15 UTC
win sw.r1vslose YTIKWIDHH v2.0.2view replay2019-06-23 14:04:14 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Heuro 2view replay2019-06-23 08:21:27 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin bcd-prioview replay2019-06-23 05:06:58 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin rational 2view replay2019-06-22 22:29:29 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie michaelvillar2view replay2019-06-22 20:40:53 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin peerless4*1.5view replay2019-06-22 16:47:08 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie First Things Firsview replay2019-06-22 14:42:38 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Nibblerview replay2019-06-22 06:58:39 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie HarvestBotview replay2019-06-22 06:18:45 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Parfaitview replay2019-06-21 23:57:39 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin cherry-pickin-botview replay2019-06-21 22:12:06 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie keremview replay2019-06-21 14:39:32 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Dean Ambroseview replay2019-06-21 12:26:23 UTC
win sw.r1vslose First Things Firsview replay2019-06-21 05:08:12 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Bobview replay2019-06-21 03:34:17 UTC
win sw.r1vslose varty 3view replay2019-06-21 00:03:21 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie testerview replay2019-06-20 20:57:25 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin ggview replay2019-06-20 15:12:52 UTC
win sw.r1vslose rational 2view replay2019-06-20 12:51:17 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Feucot v2view replay2019-06-20 03:52:14 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie jbuiview replay2019-06-20 03:50:59 UTC
lose Dean Ambrosevswin sw.r1view replay2019-06-19 20:41:20 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Herbststurm Vview replay2019-06-19 20:07:14 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin BruteBotview replay2019-06-19 19:37:19 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie mainwings4.0view replay2019-06-19 15:45:32 UTC
win sw.r1vslose ErrorBotview replay2019-06-19 14:42:05 UTC
lose u wot m8vswin sw.r1view replay2019-06-19 07:00:54 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Parfaitview replay2019-06-19 06:57:37 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie bla4gee_bot_7view replay2019-06-19 01:47:03 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie minortor 2view replay2019-06-18 20:24:55 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Mainwing2.0view replay2019-06-18 16:05:01 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin ChinookSurfer0.4view replay2019-06-18 13:34:09 UTC
tie artisk82vstie sw.r1view replay2019-06-18 06:29:37 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Borecview replay2019-06-18 05:48:44 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Vacuum Cleanerview replay2019-06-17 22:37:55 UTC
win sw.r1vslose juBotview replay2019-06-17 16:56:30 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Arctic Emerald v3view replay2019-06-17 12:59:21 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Immortal Joeview replay2019-06-17 11:52:41 UTC
win sw.r1vslose bekub_a1view replay2019-06-17 05:28:06 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin tindi-pota-uberview replay2019-06-17 03:35:43 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Bob3view replay2019-06-16 22:52:08 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie First Things Firsview replay2019-06-16 19:37:49 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin minortor 2view replay2019-06-16 17:48:05 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin HaBotview replay2019-06-16 14:54:42 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie BotBotBot v1view replay2019-06-16 08:12:16 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Borecview replay2019-06-16 03:10:05 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin SmartGreedyBot+view replay2019-06-15 21:10:44 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Immortal Joeview replay2019-06-15 17:29:56 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie u wot botview replay2019-06-15 12:13:46 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Heuro 2view replay2019-06-15 09:29:45 UTC
win sw.r1vslose The MathBot 3.0view replay2019-06-15 06:48:01 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin peerless4*1.5view replay2019-06-15 01:07:09 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie experimentalbotview replay2019-06-14 21:24:23 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie The MathBot 3.0view replay2019-06-14 18:26:17 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin basicFirstAttemptview replay2019-06-14 16:15:49 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Noobot v0.4.0view replay2019-06-14 09:29:52 UTC
win sw.r1vslose The MathBot 3.0view replay2019-06-14 07:54:29 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Swagluator [TESTEview replay2019-06-14 02:08:20 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin artisk82view replay2019-06-14 01:10:39 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin bekub_eq1.1view replay2019-06-13 22:04:05 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie WanBot 2view replay2019-06-13 17:40:36 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Bob2view replay2019-06-13 11:20:46 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Swagluator v1.5view replay2019-06-13 07:19:47 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie bednarbot_v1bview replay2019-06-13 02:59:22 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie basicFirstAttemptview replay2019-06-12 22:55:26 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie jbuiview replay2019-06-12 17:58:39 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin juBotview replay2019-06-12 13:09:13 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie shiner shortestview replay2019-06-12 08:26:54 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Nibblerview replay2019-06-12 07:30:17 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin rfibot1view replay2019-06-11 22:51:38 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Banksybotview replay2019-06-11 21:31:08 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Feucot v5view replay2019-06-11 14:46:25 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin SpiltMilkview replay2019-06-11 13:45:18 UTC
lose Whiterockvswin sw.r1view replay2019-06-11 05:16:52 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin BotBotBot v1view replay2019-06-11 04:59:08 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Botmanview replay2019-06-11 01:43:17 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie NotSureIfview replay2019-06-10 22:10:52 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin rational 2view replay2019-06-10 19:08:46 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Impartial Optimalview replay2019-06-10 10:58:20 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin tindi-pota-uberview replay2019-06-10 09:45:38 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie SmartGreedyBot+view replay2019-06-10 02:31:08 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Nibblerview replay2019-06-10 02:19:00 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Nibblerview replay2019-06-09 19:22:31 UTC
win sw.r1vslose shiner longestview replay2019-06-09 19:22:29 UTC
tie ggvstie sw.r1view replay2019-06-09 05:26:45 UTC
win artisk82vslose sw.r1view replay2019-06-08 14:42:17 UTC
(deleted bot)vswin sw.r1view replay2019-06-04 06:22:53 UTC
(deleted bot)vslose sw.r1view replay2019-06-04 00:17:33 UTC
(deleted bot)vslose sw.r1view replay2019-06-04 00:02:45 UTC
(deleted bot)vswin sw.r1view replay2019-06-03 21:02:00 UTC
win unicornbumholesvslose sw.r1view replay2019-06-03 15:10:53 UTC
(deleted bot)vstie sw.r1view replay2019-06-03 07:41:48 UTC
(deleted bot)vstie sw.r1view replay2019-06-02 22:24:33 UTC
tie Kiwanovstie sw.r1view replay2019-06-02 15:33:59 UTC
win Kiwanovslose sw.r1view replay2019-06-02 09:03:12 UTC
win Kiwanovslose sw.r1view replay2019-06-02 05:35:24 UTC
lose Kiwanovswin sw.r1view replay2019-06-02 04:58:45 UTC
lose Kiwanovswin sw.r1view replay2019-06-02 03:26:37 UTC
lose Kiwanovswin sw.r1view replay2019-06-02 02:48:03 UTC
lose Kiwanovswin sw.r1view replay2019-06-02 02:40:51 UTC
win Kiwanovslose sw.r1view replay2019-06-01 23:00:54 UTC
(deleted bot)vslose sw.r1view replay2019-06-01 22:58:18 UTC
(deleted bot)vswin sw.r1view replay2019-06-01 22:41:25 UTC
(deleted bot)vswin sw.r1view replay2019-06-01 21:16:28 UTC
tie Kiwanovstie sw.r1view replay2019-06-01 19:32:52 UTC
(deleted bot)vswin sw.r1view replay2019-06-01 16:18:14 UTC
win Kiwanovslose sw.r1view replay2019-06-01 10:35:45 UTC
win Kiwanovslose sw.r1view replay2019-06-01 06:48:45 UTC
(deleted bot)vstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-31 21:58:03 UTC
(deleted bot)vstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-31 20:24:33 UTC
win Kiwanovslose sw.r1view replay2019-05-31 20:24:28 UTC
win Kiwanovslose sw.r1view replay2019-05-31 15:07:22 UTC
(deleted bot)vswin sw.r1view replay2019-05-31 01:16:49 UTC
(deleted bot)vstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-30 22:50:17 UTC
lose Kiwanovswin sw.r1view replay2019-05-30 17:49:09 UTC
(deleted bot)vslose sw.r1view replay2019-05-30 17:39:05 UTC
(deleted bot)vswin sw.r1view replay2019-05-30 15:30:18 UTC
(deleted bot)vswin sw.r1view replay2019-05-30 13:58:54 UTC
(deleted bot)vstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-30 04:20:45 UTC
(deleted bot)vswin sw.r1view replay2019-05-30 02:40:21 UTC
(deleted bot)vslose sw.r1view replay2019-05-30 02:31:48 UTC
(deleted bot)vstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-29 23:16:40 UTC
win Kiwanovslose sw.r1view replay2019-05-29 02:38:26 UTC
win Kiwanovslose sw.r1view replay2019-05-28 20:17:36 UTC
tie switcher4vstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-28 18:45:08 UTC
tie moo3vstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-28 13:58:37 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Porphyryview replay2019-05-28 13:56:01 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Fruitfly 1.0view replay2019-05-28 13:30:49 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie AL 3.0view replay2019-05-28 05:48:44 UTC
lose 2ndBotvswin sw.r1view replay2019-05-28 05:44:26 UTC
lose YTIKWIDHH v2.0.2vswin sw.r1view replay2019-05-27 14:07:39 UTC
tie Radioactive Turkevstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-27 08:50:37 UTC
tie KeithTheBeastvstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-27 02:15:35 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1bvswin sw.r1view replay2019-05-26 15:55:43 UTC
lose Botmanvswin sw.r1view replay2019-05-26 11:24:56 UTC
lose KeithTheBeastvswin sw.r1view replay2019-05-26 11:10:43 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1bvstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-26 06:48:43 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Compote IIIview replay2019-05-26 06:45:46 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie sw 2view replay2019-05-26 05:13:20 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Smartlineview replay2019-05-25 14:50:39 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Elmo+view replay2019-05-25 09:55:18 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin ao-arecview replay2019-05-25 02:52:35 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie arcane_destroyerview replay2019-05-25 00:14:38 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Nibblerview replay2019-05-24 15:53:22 UTC
win sw.r1vslose mainwings4.0view replay2019-05-24 13:06:34 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin u wot m8view replay2019-05-24 03:59:46 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Porphyryview replay2019-05-23 22:53:26 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Clutzyview replay2019-05-23 17:51:27 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Nibblerview replay2019-05-23 14:21:33 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Compote IIview replay2019-05-23 07:56:45 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Wintergraupel 1.1view replay2019-05-23 07:18:54 UTC
win sw.r1vslose C-3POview replay2019-05-22 23:20:16 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Fury - Bot v1.0view replay2019-05-22 23:19:04 UTC
win Nux-t2vslose sw.r1view replay2019-05-22 15:45:59 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie jobot_1view replay2019-05-22 13:39:30 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie juBotview replay2019-05-22 11:12:10 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Nibblerview replay2019-05-22 01:30:45 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie JJapple_power_d+1view replay2019-05-21 23:18:56 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Radioactive Turkeview replay2019-05-21 17:59:38 UTC
win sw.r1vslose mainwings4.0view replay2019-05-21 17:53:35 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie moo3view replay2019-05-21 10:15:22 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie u wot m8view replay2019-05-21 10:15:15 UTC
lose Botmanvswin sw.r1view replay2019-05-20 19:12:50 UTC
tie TerryTheTerriblevstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-20 14:55:11 UTC
win ICheatvslose sw.r1view replay2019-05-20 10:59:51 UTC
win mainwings4.0vslose sw.r1view replay2019-05-20 07:55:54 UTC
tie SortBot.jsvstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-20 06:25:48 UTC
win Immortal Joevslose sw.r1view replay2019-05-20 04:07:41 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Arctic Emerald v3view replay2019-05-20 02:13:09 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie GreedyBotNearest+view replay2019-05-19 23:02:28 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Frühlingserwachenview replay2019-05-19 17:02:02 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie moview replay2019-05-19 13:55:40 UTC
lose ggvswin sw.r1view replay2019-05-19 08:24:34 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Copycat 0.3view replay2019-05-19 05:56:22 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin arjuna-06171540view replay2019-05-18 22:40:18 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie burk2view replay2019-05-18 21:12:48 UTC
tie next_genvstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-18 15:26:18 UTC
lose artisk82vswin sw.r1view replay2019-05-18 10:13:10 UTC
win sw.r1vslose actionview replay2019-05-18 09:26:11 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie SioBotv0.2view replay2019-05-18 09:17:42 UTC
tie GarryTheGreatvstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-17 23:33:04 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie PINK ELEPHANTSview replay2019-05-17 22:00:31 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Jujube bview replay2019-05-17 18:53:16 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Fruitivore Iview replay2019-05-17 13:44:27 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin PINK ELEPHANTSview replay2019-05-17 07:32:08 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie moview replay2019-05-17 01:53:35 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Frühlingserwachenview replay2019-05-16 21:31:14 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Radioactive chickview replay2019-05-16 19:40:22 UTC
win sw.r1vslose arcane_destroyerview replay2019-05-16 16:29:37 UTC
win sw.r1vslose GreedyBotNearest+view replay2019-05-16 15:18:26 UTC
tie Botmanvstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-16 11:02:47 UTC
tie Vacuum Cleanervstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-16 07:46:56 UTC
win sw.r1vslose SoGreedyview replay2019-05-16 03:05:11 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie unicornbumholesview replay2019-05-15 21:22:24 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin ErrorBotview replay2019-05-15 19:22:38 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Compote IIIview replay2019-05-15 16:06:27 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Noobot v0.4.5view replay2019-05-15 09:20:03 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin HBN v0.4view replay2019-05-15 03:38:58 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie SaltyLua Experimeview replay2019-05-14 21:58:25 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Radioactive Turkeview replay2019-05-14 12:54:13 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Frühlingserwachenview replay2019-05-14 11:05:26 UTC
lose artisk82vswin sw.r1view replay2019-05-14 01:33:33 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie long potential ceview replay2019-05-13 18:20:09 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Feucot v7view replay2019-05-13 15:57:25 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie SCmetV2view replay2019-05-13 09:54:48 UTC
win sw.r1vslose arcane_destroyerview replay2019-05-13 07:37:29 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Compote IIview replay2019-05-13 00:48:00 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie ggview replay2019-05-12 20:18:05 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Immortal Joeview replay2019-05-12 16:39:43 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie arjuna-06171540view replay2019-05-12 16:18:17 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Wormy the 1.45,2.view replay2019-05-12 05:29:21 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Fruitfly 1.0view replay2019-05-12 05:28:21 UTC
tie Vacuum Cleanervstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-11 20:32:07 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie steel_man_2view replay2019-05-11 19:24:47 UTC
win sw.r1vslose fruitbot 0.2view replay2019-05-11 18:59:30 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Fruitivore Iview replay2019-05-11 14:20:35 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Noobot v0.4.5view replay2019-05-11 13:40:06 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie rfibot1view replay2019-05-11 04:41:26 UTC
win sw.r1vslose ninjabotview replay2019-05-11 04:34:16 UTC
win Swagluator v1.5vslose sw.r1view replay2019-05-10 17:58:34 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie long potential ceview replay2019-05-10 14:43:42 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie AL 3.0view replay2019-05-10 14:23:09 UTC
win Radioactive Turkevslose sw.r1view replay2019-05-10 08:07:29 UTC
win sw.r1vslose Asheview replay2019-05-10 07:21:00 UTC
win sw.r1vslose AL 3.0view replay2019-05-10 00:11:14 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie steel_man_1view replay2019-05-09 21:11:38 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie sw 2view replay2019-05-09 17:08:58 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin bednarbot_v1.1bview replay2019-05-09 15:04:49 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie takibot 0.4.0view replay2019-05-09 07:28:23 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie Wintergraupel 1.1view replay2019-05-09 07:12:25 UTC
tie YTIKWIDHH v2.0.2vstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-08 20:47:50 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie minortor 2view replay2019-05-08 20:25:59 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie bednarbot_v1.1bview replay2019-05-08 20:24:56 UTC
lose Frank's Down Syndvswin sw.r1view replay2019-05-08 06:52:19 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie JuBotSelview replay2019-05-08 06:51:52 UTC
tie SioBotv0.2vstie sw.r1view replay2019-05-07 23:27:53 UTC
tie sw.r1vstie ForbiddenFruitview replay2019-05-07 19:37:21 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin moview replay2019-05-07 11:39:14 UTC
win sw.r1vslose WanBot 2view replay2019-05-07 08:52:54 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin Brute Ignoranceview replay2019-05-07 07:44:41 UTC
lose sw.r1vswin SaltyLuaview replay2019-05-06 22:51:42 UTC
win minute-botvslose sw.r1view replay2019-05-06 21:11:34 UTC