Recent games of PythonBorked

Player 1Player 2ReplayDate
win PythonBorkedvslose solverview replay2018-01-21 02:45:09 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-5-2view replay2018-01-20 21:27:06 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie sv2view replay2018-01-20 15:38:00 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin sv2view replay2018-01-20 11:10:02 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot7view replay2018-01-20 08:27:28 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin test1view replay2018-01-20 00:45:33 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose FinalKillview replay2018-01-20 00:08:28 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose rybot6view replay2018-01-19 17:40:06 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-5-4view replay2018-01-19 16:18:55 UTC
win Nearest v2vslose PythonBorkedview replay2018-01-19 05:00:09 UTC
win Heisenberg Returnvslose PythonBorkedview replay2018-01-19 04:59:47 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fbot2view replay2018-01-19 00:59:40 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie Spicebot RaceTry3view replay2018-01-18 23:29:15 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose rybot4view replay2018-01-18 12:42:36 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot4view replay2018-01-18 07:18:26 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin mu-test2view replay2018-01-18 01:54:01 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose rybot6view replay2018-01-18 00:37:04 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin mu-test2view replay2018-01-17 11:53:40 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solverview replay2018-01-17 11:40:56 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot6view replay2018-01-17 04:28:01 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot7view replay2018-01-17 04:13:01 UTC
lose test1vswin PythonBorkedview replay2018-01-16 18:00:34 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot6view replay2018-01-16 15:55:18 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot2view replay2018-01-16 08:15:22 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose Wineberry f45cview replay2018-01-16 04:05:10 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie Nearest v2view replay2018-01-16 00:29:00 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solverview replay2018-01-15 21:49:26 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose Heisenberg Returnview replay2018-01-15 14:52:55 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver5view replay2018-01-15 11:22:03 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose python4-5-5view replay2018-01-15 04:23:51 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin sv2view replay2018-01-15 01:05:56 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie low_hanging_fruitview replay2018-01-14 22:05:55 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose ISeeYouview replay2018-01-14 15:46:56 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie ABD10view replay2018-01-14 07:49:57 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie sv2view replay2018-01-14 04:07:30 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin ISeeYouview replay2018-01-13 23:19:29 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin test1view replay2018-01-13 19:50:24 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose sv3view replay2018-01-13 13:39:02 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose nearest-pythonview replay2018-01-13 10:58:52 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie ABD10view replay2018-01-13 06:01:02 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie sv3view replay2018-01-12 23:19:31 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver5view replay2018-01-12 16:16:03 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose Varbotview replay2018-01-12 14:08:05 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin test1view replay2018-01-12 07:21:19 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fruitbot 0.4view replay2018-01-12 04:16:44 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-5-4view replay2018-01-11 23:39:40 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin Nearestview replay2018-01-11 22:27:32 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin mu-test2view replay2018-01-11 14:08:27 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose Varbotview replay2018-01-11 14:01:47 UTC
win test1vslose PythonBorkedview replay2018-01-11 06:00:08 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin Nearestview replay2018-01-11 04:53:29 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver3view replay2018-01-11 01:55:45 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin test1view replay2018-01-10 23:25:02 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose rybot6view replay2018-01-10 17:55:40 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-5-4view replay2018-01-10 16:10:45 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin hawking_2.5view replay2018-01-10 10:28:14 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose Varbotview replay2018-01-10 06:37:51 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin mu-test2view replay2018-01-10 03:23:33 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie Wineberry f45cview replay2018-01-09 22:41:45 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot7view replay2018-01-09 19:15:51 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie sv3view replay2018-01-09 14:24:13 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose sv1view replay2018-01-09 08:23:52 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fbot2view replay2018-01-09 06:27:36 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot7view replay2018-01-08 23:38:35 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose rybot6view replay2018-01-08 20:28:26 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver5view replay2018-01-08 16:32:11 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fruitbot 0.4view replay2018-01-08 14:19:48 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin test1view replay2018-01-08 11:55:20 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-3view replay2018-01-08 07:38:36 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose sv1view replay2018-01-08 05:30:31 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-5-2view replay2018-01-08 02:29:58 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin Seer1view replay2018-01-07 23:55:46 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin Nearestview replay2018-01-07 20:31:53 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fruitbot 0.4view replay2018-01-07 16:44:25 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose fbot3view replay2018-01-07 12:51:17 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-4view replay2018-01-07 11:28:33 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie sv2view replay2018-01-07 03:44:12 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose rybot7view replay2018-01-07 01:55:48 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose python4-5-5view replay2018-01-06 21:28:42 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose rybot7view replay2018-01-06 16:40:04 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin ISeeYouview replay2018-01-06 14:25:14 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin Nearestview replay2018-01-06 11:53:41 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose python4-5-3view replay2018-01-06 03:30:21 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie ABD10view replay2018-01-06 00:30:14 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin ISeeYouview replay2018-01-05 20:29:22 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie sv2view replay2018-01-05 16:28:06 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose sv1view replay2018-01-05 09:57:13 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fruitbot 0.4view replay2018-01-05 06:07:39 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin ABD10view replay2018-01-05 03:18:42 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin test1view replay2018-01-05 01:29:13 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose fbot3view replay2018-01-04 19:36:05 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver3view replay2018-01-04 18:49:16 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose rybot1view replay2018-01-04 14:34:14 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin Varbotview replay2018-01-04 10:44:22 UTC
win test1vslose PythonBorkedview replay2018-01-04 08:48:15 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot4view replay2018-01-04 05:38:37 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-5-4view replay2018-01-04 01:06:56 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose sv1view replay2018-01-03 23:14:24 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver5view replay2018-01-03 19:27:14 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin Heisenberg Returnview replay2018-01-03 14:37:50 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie Nearest v2view replay2018-01-03 09:23:56 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot6view replay2018-01-03 04:26:39 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose Fiona the Little view replay2018-01-02 23:59:31 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-5-2view replay2018-01-02 18:21:35 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot4view replay2018-01-02 15:19:09 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fbot2view replay2018-01-02 11:38:40 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose python4-5-3view replay2018-01-02 03:02:24 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin Varbotview replay2018-01-01 21:20:13 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin low_hanging_fruitview replay2018-01-01 15:16:49 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin ABD10view replay2018-01-01 12:21:48 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot2view replay2018-01-01 04:18:32 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose rybot7view replay2017-12-31 23:14:42 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose fruitbot 0.4view replay2017-12-31 17:36:02 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin ABD10view replay2017-12-31 15:47:26 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot1view replay2017-12-31 12:04:30 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin sv2view replay2017-12-31 07:57:40 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-3view replay2017-12-31 04:36:00 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin PlatypusTest1view replay2017-12-31 03:46:03 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose ISeeYouview replay2017-12-31 00:24:39 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot1view replay2017-12-30 21:59:37 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose test1view replay2017-12-30 16:08:24 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-3view replay2017-12-30 14:20:47 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fbot2view replay2017-12-30 11:49:17 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose rybot7view replay2017-12-30 08:22:19 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose rybot7view replay2017-12-30 03:21:53 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4view replay2017-12-30 02:06:41 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solverview replay2017-12-29 21:42:08 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-3view replay2017-12-29 15:59:43 UTC
win test1vslose PythonBorkedview replay2017-12-29 13:06:35 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose FinalKillview replay2017-12-29 07:07:58 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot6view replay2017-12-29 02:17:02 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-2view replay2017-12-29 00:12:20 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-5-4view replay2017-12-28 20:30:28 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose FinalKillview replay2017-12-28 16:27:25 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin test1view replay2017-12-28 09:00:31 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-4view replay2017-12-28 05:45:54 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin ISeeYouview replay2017-12-28 00:15:06 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose sv3view replay2017-12-27 21:27:12 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose FinalKillview replay2017-12-27 16:03:31 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose sv1view replay2017-12-27 13:00:12 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin mu-test2view replay2017-12-27 08:30:53 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie sv2view replay2017-12-27 02:06:49 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin Wineberry f45cview replay2017-12-26 23:08:29 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-2view replay2017-12-26 20:05:07 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin ABD10view replay2017-12-26 14:13:45 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin mu-test2view replay2017-12-26 11:29:36 UTC
win test1vslose PythonBorkedview replay2017-12-26 06:22:20 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose Varbotview replay2017-12-26 03:17:01 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose low_hanging_fruitview replay2017-12-26 02:16:14 UTC
win Heisenberg Returnvslose PythonBorkedview replay2017-12-25 19:03:05 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot6view replay2017-12-25 18:14:58 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose FinalKillview replay2017-12-25 17:00:30 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot4view replay2017-12-25 11:17:42 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie sv2view replay2017-12-25 11:03:30 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fbot2view replay2017-12-25 03:59:20 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fruitbot 0.4view replay2017-12-25 02:57:07 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie sv3view replay2017-12-24 17:12:57 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose rybot4view replay2017-12-24 17:10:10 UTC
win test1vslose PythonBorkedview replay2017-12-24 10:49:11 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin Varbotview replay2017-12-24 10:21:08 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver3view replay2017-12-24 09:04:49 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin toastie bot Mk2view replay2017-12-23 21:23:12 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie sv2view replay2017-12-23 20:21:41 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin sv3view replay2017-12-23 13:14:57 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose ISeeYouview replay2017-12-23 13:14:13 UTC
win test1vslose PythonBorkedview replay2017-12-23 04:16:15 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-5-2view replay2017-12-23 04:15:38 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose Fiona the Little view replay2017-12-23 01:04:54 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot1view replay2017-12-22 20:51:11 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose Fiona the Little view replay2017-12-22 17:51:28 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solverview replay2017-12-22 11:17:31 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot4view replay2017-12-22 04:18:45 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fruit borce 0.4bview replay2017-12-22 00:01:05 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fbot2view replay2017-12-21 21:39:57 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin ABD10view replay2017-12-21 17:53:04 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fbot2view replay2017-12-21 16:11:40 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-2view replay2017-12-21 11:46:20 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin mu-test2view replay2017-12-21 09:33:16 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose rybot7view replay2017-12-21 08:00:38 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose rybot1view replay2017-12-21 04:48:54 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot4view replay2017-12-21 01:54:00 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-3view replay2017-12-20 20:17:34 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie Wineberry f45cview replay2017-12-20 15:23:24 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie sv3view replay2017-12-20 12:12:49 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot6view replay2017-12-20 05:00:22 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose FirstBotview replay2017-12-20 01:15:40 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie ABD10view replay2017-12-19 19:17:49 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver5view replay2017-12-19 16:46:05 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie sv2view replay2017-12-19 14:56:18 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin Nearest v2view replay2017-12-19 11:40:04 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie sv3view replay2017-12-19 08:40:05 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose FirstBotview replay2017-12-19 03:04:36 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin mu-test2view replay2017-12-18 22:54:53 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin test1view replay2017-12-18 21:09:00 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-5-4view replay2017-12-18 14:38:05 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fruit borce 0.4bview replay2017-12-18 13:13:25 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose sv2view replay2017-12-18 10:27:48 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose nearest-pythonview replay2017-12-18 05:48:54 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose python4-5-5view replay2017-12-18 03:08:43 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose nearest-pythonview replay2017-12-17 20:59:29 UTC
win test1vslose PythonBorkedview replay2017-12-17 15:03:10 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose rybot2view replay2017-12-17 11:25:15 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose Varbotview replay2017-12-17 09:28:48 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fbot2view replay2017-12-17 07:26:50 UTC
win test1vslose PythonBorkedview replay2017-12-17 04:03:44 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose nearest-pythonview replay2017-12-16 21:42:57 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fruit borce 0.4bview replay2017-12-16 19:46:44 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fruitbot 0.4view replay2017-12-16 17:52:05 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie Wineberry f45cview replay2017-12-16 15:55:15 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-4view replay2017-12-16 12:06:32 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie Wineberry f45cview replay2017-12-16 10:14:15 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot4view replay2017-12-16 06:32:57 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin Varbotview replay2017-12-16 03:50:27 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin mu-test2view replay2017-12-15 21:59:17 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie Wineberry f45cview replay2017-12-15 19:54:23 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose sv2view replay2017-12-15 15:55:22 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose ISeeYouview replay2017-12-15 12:19:22 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose rybot1view replay2017-12-15 06:59:14 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fbot3view replay2017-12-15 04:41:42 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin mu-test2view replay2017-12-15 01:02:12 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver4-3view replay2017-12-14 21:31:44 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie Heisenberg Returnview replay2017-12-14 15:21:42 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie Wineberry f45cview replay2017-12-14 12:38:36 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose Fiona the Little view replay2017-12-14 07:15:01 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie low_hanging_fruitview replay2017-12-14 03:16:19 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solver3view replay2017-12-14 01:57:07 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot4view replay2017-12-13 21:50:25 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose rybot7view replay2017-12-13 18:47:32 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin fruitbot 0.4view replay2017-12-13 12:20:44 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose fruitbot 0.4view replay2017-12-13 10:47:55 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin sv3view replay2017-12-13 07:10:11 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot7view replay2017-12-13 05:56:35 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose python4-5-5view replay2017-12-13 04:20:51 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot7view replay2017-12-13 03:04:18 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie sv2view replay2017-12-13 02:20:50 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose sv2view replay2017-11-23 03:11:09 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose FirstBotview replay2017-11-23 02:10:49 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin test1view replay2017-11-23 00:03:09 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin sv3view replay2017-11-22 18:57:09 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin mu-test2view replay2017-11-22 11:02:20 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose solverview replay2017-11-22 07:49:33 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose mu-test2view replay2017-11-22 04:12:51 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose sv2view replay2017-11-22 02:25:04 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose Fiona the Little view replay2017-11-22 00:37:14 UTC
tie PythonBorkedvstie sv3view replay2017-11-21 21:29:39 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin mu-test2view replay2017-11-21 18:14:29 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin rybot1view replay2017-11-21 15:29:57 UTC
lose PythonBorkedvswin Varbotview replay2017-11-21 13:11:43 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose Fiona the Little view replay2017-11-21 09:12:52 UTC
win PythonBorkedvslose python4-5-3view replay2017-11-21 08:06:43 UTC