Recent games of bednarbot_v1.3b

Player 1Player 2ReplayDate
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie odinview replay2017-12-17 20:58:55 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie fruitbot 8.1view replay2017-12-17 16:03:45 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie fruitbot 8.1view replay2017-12-17 11:24:34 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Nibblerview replay2017-12-17 09:30:13 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie LuckyGuess-bview replay2017-12-17 07:20:54 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Heuro 3view replay2017-12-17 04:04:55 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Wintergraupel 1.0view replay2017-12-16 21:39:51 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Herbststurm Vview replay2017-12-16 19:48:37 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin steel_man_2.4view replay2017-12-16 17:43:54 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie bekub_eq1view replay2017-12-16 16:02:09 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Porphyryview replay2017-12-16 11:52:31 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie takibot 0.4.0view replay2017-12-16 10:31:00 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose arjuna-06142314view replay2017-12-16 04:18:15 UTC
lose idkvswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-12-16 04:01:17 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie steel_man_1.2view replay2017-12-15 20:17:21 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin GreedyBotNearest+view replay2017-12-15 20:16:49 UTC
tie Radioactive chickvstie bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-12-15 12:19:44 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin ddiehl_04.1_RSL9view replay2017-12-15 12:17:26 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin fruitbot 0.7 evoview replay2017-12-15 06:59:24 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie ErrorBotview replay2017-12-15 04:41:16 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Aurora the Fairy view replay2017-12-15 01:15:48 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Heat Bot 1.3view replay2017-12-14 21:28:56 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Copycat 0.3view replay2017-12-14 16:31:10 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Copycat 0.7view replay2017-12-14 11:29:08 UTC
win Proc One H2vslose bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-12-14 07:17:41 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose steel_man_2.3view replay2017-12-14 02:59:06 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Brute Ignorance wview replay2017-12-14 02:13:21 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin burk2view replay2017-12-13 21:09:13 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose steel_man_2.6view replay2017-12-13 19:34:56 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie steel_man_1.4view replay2017-12-13 11:49:28 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie steel_man_2view replay2017-12-13 11:40:03 UTC
win ggvslose bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-12-11 19:09:11 UTC
lose ggvswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-12-02 03:55:36 UTC
win ggvslose bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-28 16:23:57 UTC
lose HaBotvswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-25 17:25:12 UTC
win PrudentPterodactvslose bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-23 07:16:01 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin killer_bot 1.1view replay2017-11-23 02:57:33 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin BuschBuschview replay2017-11-23 02:43:39 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie FruitPrometheus_vview replay2017-11-22 23:36:22 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Juicy Comes Firstview replay2017-11-22 20:21:51 UTC
tie gary gardnervstie bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-22 09:35:16 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie GreedyBot 1.1view replay2017-11-22 07:04:43 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie chatur_2view replay2017-11-22 04:55:52 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Radioactive Turkeview replay2017-11-22 02:12:33 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose PINK ELEPHANTSview replay2017-11-22 01:05:13 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Copycat 0.7view replay2017-11-21 21:08:34 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin veggy1.2view replay2017-11-21 18:37:51 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Heuro 3view replay2017-11-21 14:58:39 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Radioactive chickview replay2017-11-21 14:41:06 UTC
tie bigwilly10vstie bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-21 08:29:59 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Juicy Comes Firstview replay2017-11-21 06:31:16 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin bot212view replay2017-11-12 01:05:47 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin le-diffview replay2017-11-11 19:56:17 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie DumbBotview replay2017-11-11 17:56:12 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie BubblyBotview replay2017-11-11 13:12:12 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Juicy Comes Firstview replay2017-11-11 10:58:45 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie arjuna-06142314view replay2017-11-11 06:28:49 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin stehems_botview replay2017-11-11 06:17:36 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Hetelek Powerhousview replay2017-11-11 01:15:36 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin ICheatview replay2017-11-11 00:11:25 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin steel_man_2view replay2017-11-10 18:51:19 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Brute Ignorance wview replay2017-11-10 18:49:21 UTC
lose Smell The Flowersvswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-10 10:44:31 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Aurora the Fairy view replay2017-11-10 10:25:59 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin burk2view replay2017-11-10 08:04:20 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Brute Ignorance wview replay2017-11-10 06:43:46 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Ying Yangview replay2017-11-10 02:13:46 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Fruitivore Iview replay2017-11-09 20:36:52 UTC
lose PrudentPterodactvswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-09 12:36:37 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie gary gardnerview replay2017-11-09 09:42:28 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie First Things Firsview replay2017-11-09 07:31:57 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Be Game Efficientview replay2017-11-08 23:57:00 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Stingy v1.2view replay2017-11-08 23:30:30 UTC
win RohBot v3vslose bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-08 14:20:45 UTC
tie Frank's Down Syndvstie bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-08 10:27:50 UTC
win divbot 2vslose bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-08 10:25:59 UTC
win Kaidovslose bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-08 00:47:53 UTC
tie TerryTheTerriblevstie bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-07 23:46:58 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose DumbBotview replay2017-11-07 23:46:55 UTC
win TerryTheTerriblevslose bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-07 15:41:14 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie snake103view replay2017-11-07 13:29:39 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie CuriousBanana4view replay2017-11-07 11:43:54 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie takibot 0.1.3view replay2017-11-07 04:55:09 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose EdenElephantview replay2017-11-07 03:25:39 UTC
win 7MoveMinimaxvslose bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-06 23:29:33 UTC
tie Kaidovstie bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-06 18:52:52 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie steel_man_2.4view replay2017-11-06 13:05:50 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie BuschBuschview replay2017-11-06 10:29:16 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Heat Bot 1.4.5view replay2017-11-06 07:11:19 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Juicy Comes Firstview replay2017-11-06 07:08:58 UTC
lose FeeBeevswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-06 03:19:01 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin bekub_eq1.5view replay2017-11-06 01:51:42 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie steel_man_2.6.1view replay2017-11-05 22:41:40 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie steel_man_2.1view replay2017-11-05 17:20:35 UTC
win DangerZonevslose bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-05 13:37:03 UTC
win Bottomless Pacmanvslose bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-05 05:32:26 UTC
tie Kaidovstie bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-05 03:24:37 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose idkview replay2017-11-05 03:19:17 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie bot209view replay2017-11-04 20:35:08 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin steel_man_2.5view replay2017-11-04 15:27:13 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Bytehood-0.5view replay2017-11-04 11:37:59 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose NoBot 3.4view replay2017-11-04 09:20:16 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin MangoBotview replay2017-11-04 07:32:29 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin FruitPrometheus_vview replay2017-11-04 04:38:28 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Mangoview replay2017-11-03 22:15:30 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie FruitPrometheus_vview replay2017-11-03 18:06:59 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Ant Adv 1view replay2017-11-03 15:58:17 UTC
win RohBot v1vslose bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-03 14:02:18 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Ant Adv Fearfulview replay2017-11-03 10:55:11 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Feucot v777.7view replay2017-11-03 10:48:10 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie 7MoveMinimaxview replay2017-11-03 02:06:59 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Hetelekview replay2017-11-03 01:56:58 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie NoBot 3.4view replay2017-11-02 17:46:12 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie BasicBot IIview replay2017-11-02 17:42:01 UTC
tie Bottomless Pacmanvstie bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-02 10:11:59 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Proc One H2view replay2017-11-02 07:08:54 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie snake28view replay2017-11-02 05:49:20 UTC
tie Porphyryvstie bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-11-01 23:47:52 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie HBN v0.4view replay2017-11-01 21:17:27 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose takibot 0.1.3view replay2017-11-01 18:37:39 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie jackBotv2.0view replay2017-11-01 14:26:43 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie FruitPrometheus_vview replay2017-11-01 13:07:41 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie arjuna-06182032view replay2017-11-01 09:56:46 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Kaidoview replay2017-11-01 08:51:42 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin snake101view replay2017-10-31 23:22:48 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie HBN v0.4view replay2017-10-31 21:21:22 UTC
lose Pterodactvswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-10-31 12:14:40 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie ROODE_MAPview replay2017-10-31 12:11:42 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie ddiehl_04.1_RSL9view replay2017-10-31 10:52:35 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Spicebot Finalview replay2017-10-31 04:31:46 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Feucot v77.77view replay2017-10-31 02:58:58 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie rationalview replay2017-10-30 23:48:44 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose FruitPrometheus_vview replay2017-10-30 21:44:35 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose FeeBeeview replay2017-10-30 18:20:00 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie BasicBotview replay2017-10-30 17:43:07 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin fruitbot 8.1view replay2017-10-30 11:09:51 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose killer_bot 1.2view replay2017-10-30 09:29:02 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Stingy v1.2view replay2017-10-29 23:02:40 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie fruitbot 0.6view replay2017-10-29 23:00:58 UTC
tie DangerZonevstie bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-10-29 10:45:18 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie snake101view replay2017-10-29 10:43:50 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose stehems_botview replay2017-10-29 09:34:10 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin steel_man_2.3view replay2017-10-29 01:16:33 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Be More Efficientview replay2017-10-28 23:06:00 UTC
lose Pterodactvswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-10-28 18:16:54 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Wormy the 1.45,2.view replay2017-10-28 18:09:02 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie takibot 0.1.3view replay2017-10-28 13:49:44 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie DangerZoneview replay2017-10-28 12:31:03 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie NoBot 3.4view replay2017-10-28 07:24:22 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie bigwilly10view replay2017-10-28 07:21:16 UTC
tie Porphyryvstie bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-10-28 00:32:32 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie FeeBeeview replay2017-10-28 00:01:49 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Greedy2aview replay2017-10-27 20:27:44 UTC
lose Arctic Emerald v3vswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-10-27 17:09:15 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Speedyview replay2017-10-27 14:59:49 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Brute Ignorance wview replay2017-10-27 14:58:27 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.1bvstie bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-10-27 09:03:35 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin fruitwalk-abview replay2017-10-27 06:55:52 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie XBoxview replay2017-10-27 04:10:21 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Heat Bot 1.2 - Taview replay2017-10-27 03:47:30 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Mr. Butlertronview replay2017-10-26 22:03:29 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Wintergraupel 1.0view replay2017-10-26 21:41:32 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie FruitPrometheus_vview replay2017-10-26 16:54:59 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie CuriousBananaview replay2017-10-26 16:50:38 UTC
lose Porphyryvswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-10-26 09:13:10 UTC
lose Arctic Emerald v3vswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-10-26 08:24:30 UTC
lose 7MoveMinimaxvswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-10-26 04:07:49 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie killer_botview replay2017-10-26 01:17:24 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Juicy Comes Firstview replay2017-10-26 00:59:09 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin HBN v0.4view replay2017-10-25 19:34:20 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Wayfinderview replay2017-10-25 19:30:36 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose PrudentPterodactview replay2017-10-25 14:26:45 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie NoBot 3.4view replay2017-10-25 14:25:49 UTC
win Screwloosevslose bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-10-25 09:11:45 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin steel_man_2.4view replay2017-10-25 09:10:28 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie arjuna-06142314view replay2017-10-25 02:18:53 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie bednarbot_v1.1bview replay2017-10-25 02:18:00 UTC
lose Kaidovswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-10-24 14:27:48 UTC
lose gary gardnervswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-10-24 13:03:45 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose HBN v0.4view replay2017-10-24 11:40:47 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin fruitbot 0.6view replay2017-10-24 07:09:09 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie steel_man_2view replay2017-10-24 01:59:00 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose GOZBOT 2.1view replay2017-10-23 23:07:06 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Jujube bview replay2017-10-23 21:02:48 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Frank's Down Syndview replay2017-10-23 18:14:21 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Mangoview replay2017-10-23 12:32:33 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Be Game Efficientview replay2017-10-23 10:47:34 UTC
lose gandolfvswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-10-23 02:35:44 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Feucot v77view replay2017-10-23 02:29:34 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin moview replay2017-10-22 23:28:33 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Brute Ignorance wview replay2017-10-22 19:20:14 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin odinview replay2017-10-22 16:52:34 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin torvis8view replay2017-10-22 12:08:41 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin ddiehl_04.1_RSL7view replay2017-10-22 09:56:01 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose bekub_eq1view replay2017-10-22 04:25:15 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie CuriousBanana4view replay2017-10-21 15:06:23 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose AL 1.0view replay2017-10-21 02:30:32 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie snake66view replay2017-10-20 20:14:55 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Fr├╝hlingerwachen view replay2017-10-20 04:58:19 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie robo1.0view replay2017-10-19 22:12:05 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Mangoview replay2017-10-19 04:32:47 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin veggy1view replay2017-10-19 00:17:17 UTC
tie FeeBeevstie bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-10-18 05:30:52 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose HBN v0.4view replay2017-10-17 20:50:44 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Juicy Comes Firstview replay2017-10-04 07:20:07 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Brute Ignorance wview replay2017-10-04 04:33:37 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Brute Ignorance wview replay2017-10-03 20:41:15 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Feucot v77view replay2017-10-03 12:07:34 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose torvis8view replay2017-10-03 01:17:59 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin Juicy Comes Firstview replay2017-10-02 20:57:06 UTC
lose 7MoveMinimaxvswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-10-02 08:50:57 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin GreedyBot 1.1view replay2017-10-02 06:25:52 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie bot1view replay2017-10-02 01:27:54 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Bottomless Pacmanview replay2017-10-01 21:36:13 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin GreedyBot 1.1view replay2017-10-01 17:54:27 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Brute Ignorance wview replay2017-10-01 15:09:40 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose travelerview replay2017-10-01 08:27:05 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin steel_man_2.5view replay2017-10-01 06:20:45 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Copycat 0.7view replay2017-09-30 21:42:29 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose ROODE_NMview replay2017-09-30 20:01:04 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie bot212view replay2017-09-30 15:21:43 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose op view replay2017-09-30 15:03:04 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Mangoview replay2017-09-30 09:38:14 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Radioactive Turkeview replay2017-09-30 08:22:29 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie BasicBotview replay2017-09-30 00:44:04 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie AL 1.0view replay2017-09-30 00:42:18 UTC
tie Proc One H2vstie bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-09-29 16:01:42 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose KeithTheBeastview replay2017-09-29 14:22:05 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Juicy Comes Firstview replay2017-09-29 11:44:04 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie ROODE_NMview replay2017-09-29 03:04:45 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Immortal Joeview replay2017-09-29 00:35:16 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Brute Ignorance wview replay2017-09-28 18:42:29 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie bot209view replay2017-09-28 18:36:47 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Radioactive chickview replay2017-09-28 11:59:46 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie arcane_destroyerview replay2017-09-28 11:59:35 UTC
lose Bottomless Pacmanvswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-09-27 19:21:58 UTC
lose gary gardnervswin bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-09-27 14:38:02 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1bvstie bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-09-27 12:58:50 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Ying Yangview replay2017-09-27 10:55:49 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie FrankTheFierceview replay2017-09-27 07:37:00 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie FaceBroke3view replay2017-09-27 01:29:42 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Evolver v0.1view replay2017-09-26 22:34:49 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Screwlooseview replay2017-09-26 12:56:34 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie gandolfview replay2017-09-26 10:23:43 UTC
win Nux-t2b1vslose bednarbot_v1.3bview replay2017-09-26 02:48:04 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.3bvstie Spicebot Accuracyview replay2017-09-26 02:34:18 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Smell The Flowersview replay2017-09-25 22:56:37 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin stehems_botview replay2017-09-25 18:03:17 UTC
win bednarbot_v1.3bvslose Fruitivore Iview replay2017-09-25 13:00:26 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1.3bvswin snake66view replay2017-09-25 07:02:34 UTC