Recent games of SaltyLua

Player 1Player 2ReplayDate
lose SaltyLuavswin Bran in a Backpacview replay2022-09-29 15:19:48 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin bednarbot_v1bview replay2022-09-29 15:04:42 UTC
win moo3vslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-29 02:09:45 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose minute-botview replay2022-09-28 21:42:19 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Zombie Iview replay2022-09-28 19:36:54 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin moo3view replay2022-09-28 11:16:41 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin FaceBroke2view replay2022-09-28 08:02:51 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose 7MoveMinimaxview replay2022-09-28 00:06:16 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose arcane_destroyerview replay2022-09-28 00:04:33 UTC
win Skippervslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-27 15:03:03 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Impartial Optimalview replay2022-09-27 12:29:52 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Spicebot Aura2view replay2022-09-27 11:59:59 UTC
tie FeeBeevstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-26 20:44:12 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose peerless4*5view replay2022-09-26 20:42:40 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose ICheatview replay2022-09-26 14:45:27 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose cherry-pickin-botview replay2022-09-26 09:51:24 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie takibot 0.4.1view replay2022-09-26 05:42:38 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose NoBot 1.1view replay2022-09-26 00:33:30 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1bvswin SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-25 19:26:17 UTC
tie KeithTheBeastvstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-25 12:53:45 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Nux-t2b1view replay2022-09-25 10:58:10 UTC
win GarryTheGreatvslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-25 03:15:05 UTC
lose bednarbot_v1bvswin SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-25 00:52:06 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose minortor 2view replay2022-09-24 19:43:16 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose steel_man_1.1view replay2022-09-24 19:34:14 UTC
lose moo3vswin SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-24 09:36:20 UTC
win SortBot.jsvslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-24 08:27:04 UTC
tie Radioactive chickvstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-24 04:37:41 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie ForbiddenFruitview replay2022-09-24 02:13:48 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Purple Duckview replay2022-09-23 22:14:59 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Bobview replay2022-09-23 18:19:41 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose u wot m8view replay2022-09-23 12:53:14 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie divbot 2view replay2022-09-23 08:47:47 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose smartbot3view replay2022-09-23 04:12:07 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin u wot m8view replay2022-09-22 23:46:23 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin FaceBroke3view replay2022-09-22 21:44:02 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Kaizerv2view replay2022-09-22 14:08:30 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Blenderview replay2022-09-22 12:45:54 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie AReallyGoodBotv1view replay2022-09-22 05:21:11 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose cle-diffview replay2022-09-22 03:15:39 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Gotta catch'em alview replay2022-09-21 22:18:00 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie PrudentPterodactview replay2022-09-21 10:46:27 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Speedyview replay2022-09-21 10:32:58 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin mainwings4.0view replay2022-09-21 00:10:24 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Elmo+view replay2022-09-20 23:08:47 UTC
win PrudentPterodactvslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-20 08:59:41 UTC
tie artisk82vstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-20 07:08:00 UTC
lose mainwings4.0vswin SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-20 02:46:48 UTC
tie SortBot.jsvstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-19 20:18:57 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie juBotview replay2022-09-19 18:21:19 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie NoBot 4.2view replay2022-09-19 13:21:34 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose sw 1view replay2022-09-19 04:53:14 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Bobview replay2022-09-18 20:53:18 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin sw.r1view replay2022-09-18 14:06:41 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Borecview replay2022-09-18 09:40:22 UTC
lose Whiterockvswin SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-18 03:36:26 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose experimentalbotview replay2022-09-17 20:37:15 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie FrugivoreBotV1view replay2022-09-17 20:32:49 UTC
lose ggvswin SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-17 08:41:40 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Borecview replay2022-09-17 06:40:31 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin RohBot v1view replay2022-09-17 06:38:59 UTC
lose Uzesvswin SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-16 15:37:29 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin juBotview replay2022-09-16 12:26:23 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Noobot v0.4.0view replay2022-09-16 12:25:25 UTC
win Clutzyvslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-16 02:59:09 UTC
win Botmanvslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-16 00:30:51 UTC
tie Zwolf11_Hello_Facvstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-15 18:09:55 UTC
lose Whiterockvswin SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-15 17:40:24 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin BruteBotview replay2022-09-15 08:22:39 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie arjuna-06171540view replay2022-09-15 08:06:40 UTC
lose ggvswin SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-14 21:10:53 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin steel_man_1view replay2022-09-14 20:29:02 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Wintergraupel 1.1view replay2022-09-14 12:35:29 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Radioactive Turkeview replay2022-09-14 06:20:45 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose SmartGreedyBotview replay2022-09-14 01:37:31 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie mfwubuykview replay2022-09-13 19:34:30 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie ncdview replay2022-09-13 16:11:32 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie JJapple_powerview replay2022-09-13 05:47:02 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose digdugbot +view replay2022-09-13 05:44:49 UTC
win SortBot.jsvslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-12 17:29:58 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Impartial Conscioview replay2022-09-12 16:57:11 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie cherry-pickin-botview replay2022-09-12 12:47:52 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Frühlingserwachenview replay2022-09-12 08:35:15 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie sw 1view replay2022-09-12 03:51:36 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin JJapple_power_d+1view replay2022-09-11 22:21:35 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin bednarbot_v1.2bview replay2022-09-11 14:04:02 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Brute Ignoranceview replay2022-09-11 10:29:41 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie bekub_eq1.1view replay2022-09-11 05:34:48 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Swagluator v1.5view replay2022-09-11 01:11:10 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin op view replay2022-09-10 20:25:14 UTC
tie Radioactive chickvstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-10 15:08:56 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin arcane_destroyerview replay2022-09-10 09:02:12 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie bednarbot_v1bview replay2022-09-10 05:38:59 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Basic heat botview replay2022-09-10 01:18:20 UTC
tie idkvstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-09 22:11:49 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Spicebot Aura2view replay2022-09-09 16:37:47 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie ncdview replay2022-09-09 13:46:14 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose steel_man_1.1view replay2022-09-09 06:29:40 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie The MathBot 3.02view replay2022-09-09 04:29:59 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose SmartGreedyBot+view replay2022-09-08 22:51:49 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin rational 2view replay2022-09-08 21:30:47 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin TerryTheTerribleview replay2022-09-08 13:54:19 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Zwolf11_Hello_Facview replay2022-09-08 12:49:17 UTC
lose Nux-t2b1vswin SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-08 02:57:33 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Going the distancview replay2022-09-08 02:57:21 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Wintergraupel 1.2view replay2022-09-07 19:17:03 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Motivate Vivid 4Gview replay2022-09-07 17:15:49 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie SmartGreedyBot+view replay2022-09-07 13:58:57 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin The Raisinview replay2022-09-07 08:07:05 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose peerless4view replay2022-09-07 01:47:09 UTC
tie Basic heat botvstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-06 20:13:14 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose moview replay2022-09-06 13:07:24 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose FrugivoreBotV2view replay2022-09-06 09:16:56 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie SaltyLua Experimeview replay2022-09-06 04:15:54 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Brute Ignorance wview replay2022-09-06 03:27:05 UTC
lose Radioactive chickvswin SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-05 19:57:35 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Compote IIIview replay2022-09-05 17:44:34 UTC
tie divbot 2vstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-05 07:09:56 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Nibblerview replay2022-09-05 05:09:30 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie steel_man_2view replay2022-09-04 23:33:40 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Gotta catch'em alview replay2022-09-04 17:06:50 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Zombie Iview replay2022-09-04 13:15:50 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin TerryTheTerribleview replay2022-09-04 06:19:41 UTC
tie bednarbot_v1.1bvstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-04 02:21:24 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Herbststurm IVview replay2022-09-03 19:27:14 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Bumblebeeview replay2022-09-03 17:31:54 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose bla4gee_bot_7view replay2022-09-03 08:08:11 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie bekub_eq1.4view replay2022-09-03 08:00:14 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Heuro 2view replay2022-09-03 00:33:11 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose next_genview replay2022-09-03 00:32:19 UTC
tie moo3vstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-02 15:43:33 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose long potentialview replay2022-09-02 15:42:35 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Heuro 4view replay2022-09-02 11:41:20 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin SaltyLua Fruityview replay2022-09-02 06:59:43 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Swagluator v1.5view replay2022-09-02 02:32:00 UTC
lose SaltyLua Experimevswin SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-01 23:27:41 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin First Things Firsview replay2022-09-01 17:45:27 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Gotta catch'em alview replay2022-09-01 17:45:21 UTC
win Swagluator v1.5vslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-01 03:09:07 UTC
tie Zwolf11_Hello_Facvstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-09-01 01:15:40 UTC
win KeithTheBeastvslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-31 21:41:36 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie actionview replay2022-08-31 19:35:01 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose bednarbot_v1.1bview replay2022-08-31 19:23:13 UTC
win sw.r1vslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-31 03:48:13 UTC
lose Brute Ignorance wvswin SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-31 03:14:48 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose rational 2view replay2022-08-30 21:19:47 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose op view replay2022-08-30 17:49:47 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie SaltyLua Experimeview replay2022-08-30 10:34:43 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Wintergraupel 1.1view replay2022-08-30 07:27:49 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie ggview replay2022-08-30 02:01:52 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie arjuna-06171540view replay2022-08-29 22:38:29 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin ICheatview replay2022-08-29 16:54:06 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie artisk82view replay2022-08-29 13:45:24 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Spicebot Aura2view replay2022-08-29 04:05:17 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Radioactive chickview replay2022-08-29 03:31:04 UTC
win sw.r1vslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-28 20:32:31 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie switcher3view replay2022-08-28 17:10:47 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin ggview replay2022-08-28 14:10:55 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose bednarbot_v1bview replay2022-08-28 09:14:09 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie long potentialview replay2022-08-28 07:02:47 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose gary gardnerview replay2022-08-27 23:01:39 UTC
win Botmanvslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-27 19:02:58 UTC
win Brute Ignorance wvslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-27 13:55:07 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Heuro 2view replay2022-08-27 13:46:37 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Botmanview replay2022-08-27 08:01:56 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose NoBot 4.2view replay2022-08-27 07:49:25 UTC
tie mainwings4.0vstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-26 23:48:51 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin actionview replay2022-08-26 19:58:05 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin SaltyLua Fruityview replay2022-08-26 17:48:01 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Bob2view replay2022-08-26 09:46:29 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Stingy v1.1view replay2022-08-26 03:30:39 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin JJapple_power_d+1view replay2022-08-25 21:31:14 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Frühlingserwachenview replay2022-08-25 17:37:54 UTC
tie gandolfvstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-25 13:55:46 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie JJapple_powerview replay2022-08-25 10:58:27 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Swagluator [TESTEview replay2022-08-25 06:14:42 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Frühlingserwachenview replay2022-08-25 04:07:46 UTC
win gandolfvslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-24 19:21:54 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Heuro 2view replay2022-08-24 16:14:50 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie gary gardnerview replay2022-08-24 13:37:21 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Wintergraupel 1.1view replay2022-08-24 06:33:00 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin BasicBot IIview replay2022-08-24 04:53:41 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin RohBot v1view replay2022-08-23 23:20:52 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Be Efficientview replay2022-08-23 22:15:55 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin SortBot.jsview replay2022-08-23 12:16:32 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose gandolfview replay2022-08-23 12:01:13 UTC
lose gandolfvswin SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-23 00:04:03 UTC
lose Basic heat botvswin SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-22 22:38:47 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Impartial Optimalview replay2022-08-22 21:12:52 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Wintergraupel 1.1view replay2022-08-22 18:15:43 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose FaceBroke3view replay2022-08-22 13:25:20 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Juicy Comes Firstview replay2022-08-22 08:10:28 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Heuro 3view replay2022-08-22 03:35:01 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie u wot botview replay2022-08-21 15:49:58 UTC
tie RohBot v1vstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-21 15:00:58 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Copycat 0.3view replay2022-08-21 07:40:13 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin tindi-potaview replay2022-08-21 07:28:21 UTC
tie RohBot v1vstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-20 21:34:31 UTC
lose Radioactive Turkevswin SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-20 19:18:57 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin SmartGreedyBot+view replay2022-08-20 17:47:03 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie BasicBot IIview replay2022-08-20 17:16:19 UTC
win RohBot v1vslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-20 11:27:04 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie bednarbot_v1bview replay2022-08-20 06:49:13 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose peerless4view replay2022-08-20 02:02:48 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin PrudentPterodactview replay2022-08-19 20:15:14 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie The Raisinview replay2022-08-19 19:07:44 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin gary gardnerview replay2022-08-19 11:20:45 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin LuckyGuess-bview replay2022-08-19 11:20:33 UTC
tie FeeBeevstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-18 16:18:03 UTC
tie SaltyLua Fruityvstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-18 15:42:06 UTC
win FrankTheFiercevslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-18 14:40:58 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin bekub_eq1.1view replay2022-08-18 12:31:33 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Fruitfly 0.0view replay2022-08-18 08:15:30 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie SmartGreedyBotview replay2022-08-18 03:08:42 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie FaceBroke3view replay2022-08-17 23:32:14 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Evolver v0.2view replay2022-08-17 18:33:10 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin rational 2view replay2022-08-17 13:01:20 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose steel_man_1view replay2022-08-17 09:43:21 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose bekub_eq1.1view replay2022-08-17 06:18:41 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose The Raisinview replay2022-08-17 03:44:33 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose SmartGreedyBot+view replay2022-08-16 21:58:00 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin gandolfview replay2022-08-16 19:31:24 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Gotta catch'em alview replay2022-08-16 16:01:30 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose steel_man_1.1view replay2022-08-16 09:36:40 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Gotta catch'em alview replay2022-08-16 05:42:36 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin peerless4view replay2022-08-15 22:56:17 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie PrudentPterodactview replay2022-08-15 17:32:49 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Brute Ignorance wview replay2022-08-15 08:04:32 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Zwolf11_Hello_Facview replay2022-08-15 03:14:13 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose Impartial Conscioview replay2022-08-14 21:03:16 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie mainwings4.0view replay2022-08-14 16:13:47 UTC
tie Uzesvstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-14 13:17:15 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie long potentialview replay2022-08-14 09:39:56 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Swagluator [TESTEview replay2022-08-14 04:50:49 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Skipperview replay2022-08-14 00:57:55 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Wineberry f35bview replay2022-08-13 20:23:42 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin arcane_destroyerview replay2022-08-13 16:35:47 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin takibot 0.4.1view replay2022-08-13 09:20:21 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Frugivore v1.2view replay2022-08-13 06:38:49 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie bednarbot_v1bview replay2022-08-13 03:08:59 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin long potential ceview replay2022-08-13 02:47:23 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin Asheview replay2022-08-12 14:09:09 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin ErrorBotview replay2022-08-12 10:04:18 UTC
win minute-botvslose SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-12 01:55:59 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie Wintergraupel 1.1view replay2022-08-12 00:45:13 UTC
win SaltyLuavslose bekub_eq1.4view replay2022-08-11 19:14:23 UTC
tie PrudentPterodactvstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-11 18:47:11 UTC
lose SaltyLuavswin ThatFruityAndroidview replay2022-08-11 13:44:53 UTC
tie SaltyLuavstie bednarbot_v1bview replay2022-08-11 13:44:33 UTC
tie SortBot.jsvstie SaltyLuaview replay2022-08-10 19:26:28 UTC