Recent games of shaw.752_OSU

Player 1Player 2ReplayDate
tie Ibarbo op V2vstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-27 11:37:49 UTC
win Joes test robot 2vslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-27 04:51:03 UTC
lose tspGuyvswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-27 03:46:43 UTC
tie StupidBotvstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-27 03:45:42 UTC
tie jackasseryvstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-26 22:25:57 UTC
win JavaNator 3.0 Getvslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-26 19:22:53 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie tspGuyview replay2020-10-26 19:21:15 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin myBot1view replay2020-10-26 17:19:49 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie pickierview replay2020-10-26 14:11:13 UTC
lose Impz0rvswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-26 12:28:40 UTC
tie GOZBOT 1.0vstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-26 01:01:47 UTC
tie LoomBot1.3.1vstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-26 00:36:20 UTC
lose BlueDemon 6.0vswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-26 00:25:32 UTC
lose Ibarbo op V2vswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-25 18:21:24 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose shaw.752_OSU_v4view replay2020-10-25 16:09:34 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose ChinookSurfer0.2view replay2020-10-25 15:00:05 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie LoomBot1.4view replay2020-10-25 12:16:28 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose ExploreBotview replay2020-10-25 11:06:38 UTC
win JavaNator 3.0 Getvslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-24 23:27:46 UTC
win LoomBot1.4vslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-24 22:25:16 UTC
tie plsbot 1.2vstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-24 20:57:35 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose Second Attemptview replay2020-10-24 20:15:38 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie shaw.752_OSU_v4view replay2020-10-24 17:47:06 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie ron_yang_test6view replay2020-10-24 13:18:51 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose autoOneview replay2020-10-24 09:02:01 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie LoomBot1.4view replay2020-10-24 00:49:33 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Sharkbot 2.0view replay2020-10-23 20:36:22 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin TBOAT1view replay2020-10-23 16:12:45 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie nearBotview replay2020-10-23 13:10:23 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Bender IIview replay2020-10-23 07:09:38 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie UiriBotv1.1view replay2020-10-23 04:23:06 UTC
tie dsadsavstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-22 20:14:07 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin ChinookSurfer0.2view replay2020-10-22 17:45:43 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie simpebot1view replay2020-10-22 16:25:47 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose dumb-tsp-solverview replay2020-10-22 10:24:33 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie bla4gee_bot_2view replay2020-10-22 07:55:19 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie mu-test4view replay2020-10-22 01:01:33 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin DNA_Bot_Betaview replay2020-10-22 00:44:27 UTC
tie champu 2vstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-21 18:09:57 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose shaw.752_OSU_v4view replay2020-10-21 16:01:40 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose DSBot2!view replay2020-10-21 14:11:40 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie FruitFrackerAlphaview replay2020-10-21 10:07:36 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie plsbot 1.0view replay2020-10-21 09:33:28 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin bla4gee_bot_9view replay2020-10-21 05:15:31 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose dumb-tsp-solverview replay2020-10-21 04:55:33 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose bla4gee_bot_9view replay2020-10-21 02:56:13 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin FruitFresser Iview replay2020-10-21 02:46:28 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie PYTHAGORASview replay2020-10-20 22:40:49 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie FruitFrackerAlphaview replay2020-10-20 22:40:32 UTC
lose Ibarbo op V2vswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-20 14:27:15 UTC
tie noobvstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-20 14:19:45 UTC
win noobvslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-20 13:32:55 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie notDatSmart_v1view replay2020-10-20 11:24:18 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Testzor 1view replay2020-10-20 09:47:44 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Impz0rview replay2020-10-20 06:17:22 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie nearBotview replay2020-10-20 06:00:23 UTC
lose nearBotvswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-20 00:44:20 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie first try bview replay2020-10-19 23:17:17 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose Greedy Botview replay2020-10-19 22:00:22 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Riley Bot 3000view replay2020-10-19 19:42:04 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Simple Scorebotview replay2020-10-19 18:37:37 UTC
lose kododuvswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-19 16:49:06 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin Simple Scorebotview replay2020-10-19 14:27:14 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie ExploreBotview replay2020-10-19 09:28:03 UTC
tie Bbotvstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-19 06:17:05 UTC
tie plsbot 1.0vstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-19 03:50:47 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin BlueDemon 6.0view replay2020-10-19 01:55:02 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin HABotview replay2020-10-19 00:26:49 UTC
tie Bitltron 3000 V1vstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-18 19:41:07 UTC
tie champu 2vstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-18 14:46:50 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin Ignorant Gluttonview replay2020-10-18 14:46:22 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie plsbot 1.1view replay2020-10-18 14:39:46 UTC
win StupidBotvslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-18 05:31:31 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin UCBotview replay2020-10-18 03:51:54 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin DarkGalvanicPhoenview replay2020-10-18 02:34:05 UTC
win GOZBOT 1.0vslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-17 21:11:33 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie GOZBOT 1.1view replay2020-10-17 14:38:42 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie shaw.752_OSU_v2view replay2020-10-17 11:47:32 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin Bender IIview replay2020-10-17 07:15:39 UTC
tie nearBotvstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-17 03:34:24 UTC
tie PYTHAGORASvstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-16 22:22:20 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin SimplestBotview replay2020-10-16 21:14:30 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin Jason Palmer 1.0.view replay2020-10-16 13:38:54 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin JJbetterview replay2020-10-16 12:37:55 UTC
win shaw.752_OSU_v4vslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-15 20:58:50 UTC
tie Dumbotvstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-15 15:34:49 UTC
win 5-heatbotvslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-15 14:07:55 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie dumbBotview replay2020-10-15 11:54:22 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie StupidBotview replay2020-10-15 08:58:31 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie simplebotview replay2020-10-15 04:26:13 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose bla4gee_bot_9view replay2020-10-15 01:59:38 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie champu 2view replay2020-10-14 17:44:33 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie StupidBotview replay2020-10-14 17:25:19 UTC
tie plsbot 1.1vstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-14 12:34:22 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin Dumbotview replay2020-10-14 12:01:28 UTC
win less_naive_botvslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-14 08:09:52 UTC
tie champu 2vstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-13 21:15:39 UTC
win MOFFYBOTS SISTERvslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-13 13:52:46 UTC
tie Ibarbo op V2vstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-13 11:46:19 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Bender Iview replay2020-10-13 10:35:03 UTC
lose The Hulkvswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-13 05:28:12 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Sommerregen IIIview replay2020-10-13 03:36:41 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin DNA_Bot_Alphaview replay2020-10-12 22:10:27 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose autoOneview replay2020-10-12 16:36:34 UTC
lose SimpleBotvswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-12 11:55:15 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin Nearest v8view replay2020-10-12 08:54:30 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie FruityMonsterview replay2020-10-12 04:34:59 UTC
lose LoomBot1.3.1vswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-11 23:44:57 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie copycatmysimpleboview replay2020-10-11 18:14:07 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin notDatSmart_v1view replay2020-10-11 17:11:43 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin Attempt 1.1view replay2020-10-11 13:15:37 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie YTIKWIDHH v2.1.4view replay2020-10-11 10:02:12 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose notDatSmart_v1view replay2020-10-11 06:43:01 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie LoomBot1.3.1view replay2020-10-11 01:36:18 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie bot 2: electric bview replay2020-10-10 20:02:11 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie champuview replay2020-10-10 13:46:25 UTC
tie less_naive_botvstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-10 07:49:40 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose YTIKWIDHH v2.1.4view replay2020-10-10 01:54:39 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose MOFFYBOTS SISTERview replay2020-10-10 01:41:10 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin kcon_IIview replay2020-10-09 15:09:08 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Ignorant Gluttonview replay2020-10-09 15:08:02 UTC
lose Heisenbergvswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-09 05:16:24 UTC
win naive_botvslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-09 03:57:01 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin bla4gee_bot_2view replay2020-10-08 22:52:50 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSU_v4vswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-08 20:36:49 UTC
lose ultimate champuvswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-08 17:26:21 UTC
win TomBotProvslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-08 14:47:42 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie jackasseryview replay2020-10-08 14:19:17 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose GreedyBytesview replay2020-10-08 12:09:26 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie pickierview replay2020-10-08 08:33:24 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Ibarbo op V2view replay2020-10-08 07:05:50 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose hello_worldview replay2020-10-08 01:45:35 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Bitltron 3000 V1view replay2020-10-07 20:24:35 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie varty 6 view replay2020-10-07 14:40:03 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie bla4gee_bot_3view replay2020-10-07 10:36:41 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie LoomBot1.4view replay2020-10-07 03:46:04 UTC
tie Heisenbergvstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-07 01:03:58 UTC
tie plsbot 1.2vstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-06 18:32:44 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSU_v3vstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-06 17:23:38 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose DarkGalvanicPhoenview replay2020-10-06 12:45:52 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie CavetrollBotview replay2020-10-06 12:41:19 UTC
win BlueDemon 7.0vslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-06 06:45:20 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie The calcsam robotview replay2020-10-06 04:32:43 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie pickierview replay2020-10-06 04:06:11 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Testzor 1view replay2020-10-06 00:04:32 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie TomBotProview replay2020-10-05 23:59:46 UTC
win ultimate champuvslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-05 18:57:05 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose Nearest v8view replay2020-10-05 17:36:35 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin Dequavisview replay2020-10-05 14:38:09 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin GFX47_bot1view replay2020-10-05 10:11:40 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin Geronimo 1.6view replay2020-10-05 04:45:20 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin TinacatBotview replay2020-10-04 23:01:06 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Danbot0view replay2020-10-04 19:33:54 UTC
tie ndc-1vstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-04 18:01:22 UTC
tie test2vstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-04 08:01:12 UTC
tie StupidBotvstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-04 06:48:25 UTC
tie naive_botvstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-04 02:29:33 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie plsbot 1.1view replay2020-10-04 02:29:10 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie jackasseryview replay2020-10-04 01:07:56 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie naive_botview replay2020-10-03 21:21:42 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin Roamer3view replay2020-10-03 18:48:51 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose loserview replay2020-10-03 15:55:45 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose Testing Botview replay2020-10-03 13:28:04 UTC
lose The Hulkvswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-03 08:19:21 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie dsadsaview replay2020-10-03 05:25:33 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie kcon_IIview replay2020-10-03 02:56:31 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin LoomBot1.4view replay2020-10-02 23:16:24 UTC
win MOFFYBOTvslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-02 20:41:13 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie plsbot 1.0view replay2020-10-02 17:53:30 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose GreedyBytesview replay2020-10-02 16:36:32 UTC
tie MOFFYBOTvstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-02 12:35:21 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Jason Palmer 1.0.view replay2020-10-02 12:10:14 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin varty 6 view replay2020-10-02 08:47:40 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie radv1view replay2020-10-02 07:44:04 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie TinacatBotview replay2020-10-02 05:28:58 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin TomBotProview replay2020-10-02 05:04:41 UTC
lose Danbot0vswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-02 00:19:18 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin Bender IIview replay2020-10-01 22:45:56 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie mcgriedy-it+rnd-view replay2020-10-01 19:01:59 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin CavetrollBotview replay2020-10-01 15:18:39 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose ValueBot3view replay2020-10-01 12:30:26 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose TBOAT1view replay2020-10-01 08:02:15 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose autoOneview replay2020-10-01 07:27:55 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin chatty-SimpleBotview replay2020-10-01 03:12:35 UTC
tie Joe's Basic Botvstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-10-01 02:45:08 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Testing Botview replay2020-10-01 00:19:09 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin Sommerregen IVview replay2020-10-01 00:14:19 UTC
win Bitltron 3000 V1vslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-09-30 18:30:31 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Buggeryview replay2020-09-30 18:14:45 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose Riley Bot 4000view replay2020-09-30 15:22:35 UTC
tie champu 2vstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-09-30 14:15:02 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie champu 2view replay2020-09-30 12:39:07 UTC
win tspGuyvslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-09-30 11:02:49 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose Testzor 1view replay2020-09-30 06:48:59 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin bla4gee_bot_2view replay2020-09-30 06:48:48 UTC
tie naive_botvstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-09-30 00:09:29 UTC
tie ultimate champuvstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-09-29 23:07:59 UTC
win Danbot0vslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-09-29 21:03:05 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie CapsaicinBotview replay2020-09-29 20:06:02 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin Magnus VIIview replay2020-09-29 19:37:38 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie simplebotview replay2020-09-29 15:12:28 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose Geronimo 1.6view replay2020-09-29 15:07:35 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSU_v3vstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-09-29 09:22:57 UTC
lose 5MoveMinimaxvswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-09-29 07:36:16 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie TinacatBotview replay2020-09-29 06:46:29 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Bender IIview replay2020-09-29 06:01:34 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin kjbotview replay2020-09-29 04:05:20 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin Annoying-Bview replay2020-09-29 01:52:46 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie JJbetterview replay2020-09-28 23:15:46 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin Jason Palmer 1.0.view replay2020-09-28 22:13:39 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose rapiddominanceview replay2020-09-28 19:07:31 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie AppleBotview replay2020-09-28 18:09:07 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose TomBotProview replay2020-09-28 16:19:56 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose Dumbotview replay2020-09-28 15:23:27 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Bender IIview replay2020-09-28 12:35:40 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie less_naive_botview replay2020-09-28 11:24:20 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose DarkGalvanicPhoenview replay2020-09-28 08:41:50 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin chatty-SimpleBotview replay2020-09-28 07:04:54 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie radv1view replay2020-09-28 06:02:32 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose DreDayBot2view replay2020-09-28 03:12:26 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie mu-test3view replay2020-09-28 02:34:17 UTC
win Dequavisvslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-09-27 23:59:40 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie CapsaicinBotview replay2020-09-27 22:17:40 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose notDatSmart_v1view replay2020-09-27 21:36:16 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose chatty-SimpleBotview replay2020-09-27 17:40:50 UTC
win Danbot0vslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-09-27 16:05:17 UTC
lose Nearest v8vswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-09-27 10:55:33 UTC
lose YTIKWIDHH v2.1.4vswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-09-27 09:37:26 UTC
lose HABotvswin shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-09-27 08:37:41 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie CavetrollBotview replay2020-09-27 07:40:41 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie ExploreBotview replay2020-09-27 05:01:53 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose DreDayBot2view replay2020-09-27 03:28:33 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Roamerview replay2020-09-27 02:31:34 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Joe's Basic Botview replay2020-09-26 23:26:04 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Bitltron 3000 V1view replay2020-09-26 22:36:39 UTC
win CORE v1vslose shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-09-26 20:32:25 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin ultimate champuview replay2020-09-26 19:38:38 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie myBot1view replay2020-09-26 17:38:21 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin simplebotview replay2020-09-26 16:34:27 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose nearBotview replay2020-09-26 14:51:03 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose hawkingview replay2020-09-26 14:23:20 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie Bender IIview replay2020-09-26 11:04:24 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose Fructivore DummyFview replay2020-09-26 10:13:03 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose Ibarbo op V2view replay2020-09-26 08:08:10 UTC
lose shaw.752_OSUvswin Heisenbergview replay2020-09-26 06:06:42 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie myBot1view replay2020-09-26 03:06:28 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose bla4gee_bot_9view replay2020-09-26 01:04:05 UTC
win shaw.752_OSUvslose Gutmann Swipeview replay2020-09-25 22:35:58 UTC
tie noobvstie shaw.752_OSUview replay2020-09-25 21:42:08 UTC
tie shaw.752_OSUvstie 5-heatbotview replay2020-09-25 16:23:18 UTC