Recent games of Lucas_BOT_v1.1

Player 1Player 2ReplayDate
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie ddiehl_01view replay2022-01-19 17:30:17 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Synehbot v0.2view replay2022-01-19 12:15:00 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie first try dview replay2022-01-19 09:20:40 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Bob6view replay2022-01-19 03:36:49 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose dance of the cosmview replay2022-01-18 23:30:48 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Moc's botview replay2022-01-18 19:39:47 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Jason Palmerview replay2022-01-18 11:30:53 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose bla4gee_bot_4view replay2022-01-18 09:28:26 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie TBOAT1view replay2022-01-18 04:26:31 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Jason Palmerview replay2022-01-18 00:59:15 UTC
tie GOZBOT 1.2vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-17 21:21:21 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose GFX47_bot1view replay2022-01-17 14:35:11 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose first_tryview replay2022-01-17 11:54:25 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Heuro 1view replay2022-01-17 06:55:45 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Potato Bot MK 2view replay2022-01-17 04:06:54 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose ddiehl_01view replay2022-01-16 18:43:11 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bak-opp-predview replay2022-01-16 17:04:51 UTC
win TBOAT1vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-16 04:05:11 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie ao-nrecview replay2022-01-16 00:57:55 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie JimJoview replay2022-01-15 22:42:11 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie DreDayBotview replay2022-01-15 14:56:35 UTC
tie Heisenbergvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-15 13:01:19 UTC
win Heisenbergvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-15 01:54:35 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose TBOAT1view replay2022-01-15 01:17:11 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose A. Lemmingview replay2022-01-14 20:02:03 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Jason Palmerview replay2022-01-14 17:05:57 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie smartbot2view replay2022-01-14 09:30:40 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Bob7view replay2022-01-14 05:44:26 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin HKMk2view replay2022-01-13 21:45:20 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose shiner rangerview replay2022-01-13 19:34:36 UTC
tie YTIKWIDHH v2.1.4vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-13 10:20:16 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Heisenbergview replay2022-01-13 08:11:15 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie JimJoview replay2022-01-13 04:06:09 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie varty 1view replay2022-01-13 02:11:12 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose CORE v1view replay2022-01-12 23:27:51 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin ndc-2view replay2022-01-12 18:50:31 UTC
lose divbot 1vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-12 11:51:24 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie HKMk2view replay2022-01-12 07:24:30 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Synehbot v0.2view replay2022-01-12 02:51:13 UTC
win Latestvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-11 22:43:23 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie SimpleBot-v2-chatview replay2022-01-11 18:02:48 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Joes test robot 2view replay2022-01-11 12:39:17 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose bla4gee_bot_4view replay2022-01-11 08:19:00 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin ndc-1view replay2022-01-11 04:19:25 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie first try dview replay2022-01-10 22:02:40 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Heat Bot 1.5view replay2022-01-10 18:41:23 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Bender IIview replay2022-01-10 12:18:10 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie first try eview replay2022-01-10 07:14:21 UTC
win ddiehl_02vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-10 03:31:53 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin vartyview replay2022-01-09 22:10:02 UTC
tie Synehbot v0.1vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-09 17:20:04 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose mcgriedy-it+rnd-view replay2022-01-09 10:56:46 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Bob7view replay2022-01-09 06:23:30 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Jason Palmer 1.0.view replay2022-01-08 20:11:06 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie DreDayBotview replay2022-01-08 19:24:34 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie first try fview replay2022-01-08 12:20:36 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie ForceBotv2view replay2022-01-08 11:50:29 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.0view replay2022-01-08 02:44:55 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie amnbot_0.1view replay2022-01-08 02:42:56 UTC
win tspGuyvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-07 13:06:17 UTC
lose Clon 1.0.0vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-07 10:42:39 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Bob6view replay2022-01-07 06:16:29 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose ndc-2view replay2022-01-07 05:23:25 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie chattyBot-v2.1view replay2022-01-06 23:59:10 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin digdugbot +view replay2022-01-06 22:36:49 UTC
win BonkBot 1.0vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-06 12:46:22 UTC
tie CORE v1vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-06 12:09:18 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie test03view replay2022-01-06 09:33:01 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie BjarkeBotview replay2022-01-06 04:52:54 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Third-timerview replay2022-01-06 00:32:52 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie shiner highest raview replay2022-01-05 19:36:39 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose steel_man_0view replay2022-01-05 15:18:42 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bla4gee_bot_8view replay2022-01-05 12:21:13 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose bak-opp-predview replay2022-01-05 06:41:35 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Heuro 1view replay2022-01-05 03:01:24 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Potato Bot MK 2view replay2022-01-04 22:11:04 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Ant Groupview replay2022-01-04 16:21:30 UTC
win AveBotvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-04 12:20:56 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose hawkingview replay2022-01-04 08:44:28 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie JimBotview replay2022-01-04 08:19:57 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Sommerregen IIview replay2022-01-04 00:20:06 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose ndc-1view replay2022-01-04 00:19:29 UTC
lose TBOAT1vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-03 11:36:43 UTC
win shinobe-treevslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-03 09:00:55 UTC
lose Third-timervswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-03 06:29:00 UTC
win Latestvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-03 06:02:32 UTC
tie Clon 1.0.0vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-02 16:58:45 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose ndc-2view replay2022-01-02 13:13:52 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Jason Palmer 1.0.view replay2022-01-02 13:13:21 UTC
lose the_village_idiotvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-02 04:00:28 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin bhima-smarterview replay2022-01-02 03:34:55 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie first try dview replay2022-01-01 22:30:34 UTC
lose notDatSmart_v1vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2022-01-01 16:43:30 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Joes test robot 2view replay2022-01-01 14:07:17 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bakasura-intelli-view replay2022-01-01 09:24:21 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin shiner rangerview replay2022-01-01 06:55:46 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin A. Lemmingview replay2022-01-01 02:29:16 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bla4gee_original_view replay2022-01-01 00:01:48 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose TBOAT1view replay2021-12-31 19:08:46 UTC
win The Hulkvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-31 17:52:20 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Osmitron2.0view replay2021-12-31 08:10:57 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie 4ud0 v2view replay2021-12-31 05:38:43 UTC
tie jarvis_puddingfoovstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-31 01:16:19 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie the_village_idiotview replay2021-12-31 00:08:03 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie shiner rangerview replay2021-12-30 14:35:40 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bakasura-intelli-view replay2021-12-30 14:06:41 UTC
win Potato Bot MK 2vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-30 01:54:00 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Jason Palmer 1.0.view replay2021-12-29 23:52:18 UTC
lose 5MoveMinimaxvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-29 21:53:36 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie notDatSmart_v1view replay2021-12-29 10:12:48 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Prioritizerview replay2021-12-29 09:39:31 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-28 23:24:01 UTC
lose One Stonevswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-28 19:30:43 UTC
tie One Stonevstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-28 14:27:36 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Bob6view replay2021-12-28 14:27:02 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose steel_man_0view replay2021-12-28 12:00:30 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Magnus VIIIview replay2021-12-28 03:28:59 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie STUPIDBOTview replay2021-12-27 22:34:18 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose MOFFYBOTS SISTERview replay2021-12-27 14:34:31 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose hawkingview replay2021-12-27 09:57:58 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Joes test robot 2view replay2021-12-27 05:01:07 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin pdiffview replay2021-12-27 03:06:35 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie MoarFruitsview replay2021-12-26 20:59:09 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin bla4gee_bot_1view replay2021-12-26 19:36:37 UTC
win A. Lemmingvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-26 07:03:20 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Willox Botview replay2021-12-26 05:52:52 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin vartyview replay2021-12-26 04:42:44 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bla4gee_bot_1view replay2021-12-25 20:04:35 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin DarkGalvanicPhoenview replay2021-12-25 17:01:57 UTC
tie MOFFYBOTS SISTERvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-25 06:48:04 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose EnoughIsEnough_2view replay2021-12-25 05:31:18 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bot 2: electric bview replay2021-12-25 01:20:42 UTC
win ddiehl_01vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-24 20:07:51 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Willox Botview replay2021-12-24 14:15:04 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie MOFFYBOTS SISTERview replay2021-12-24 12:58:45 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Noribview replay2021-12-24 02:21:14 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin BonkBot 1.0view replay2021-12-24 01:04:41 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Bob7view replay2021-12-23 16:46:53 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie GFX47_bot1view replay2021-12-23 15:32:49 UTC
tie Prettyokbot — OSUvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-23 08:14:38 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin MOFFYBOTS SISTERview replay2021-12-23 08:07:19 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose limebronzeview replay2021-12-22 23:50:08 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose The calcsam robotview replay2021-12-22 21:10:02 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose mcgriedy-ut+view replay2021-12-22 14:20:04 UTC
tie Prioritizervstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-22 11:00:07 UTC
tie Potato Bot MK 2vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-22 04:53:39 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin usagi-hoview replay2021-12-22 00:31:01 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose notDatSmart_v1view replay2021-12-22 00:28:14 UTC
tie Heisenbergvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-21 13:34:26 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Willox Botview replay2021-12-21 11:28:22 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie HKMk2view replay2021-12-21 06:56:20 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin bakasura-intelli-view replay2021-12-21 04:00:34 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Effieview replay2021-12-21 01:52:11 UTC
lose Heisenbergvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-20 17:22:02 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Jason Palmerview replay2021-12-20 17:07:39 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie A. Lemmingview replay2021-12-20 08:23:51 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie AveBotview replay2021-12-20 08:17:35 UTC
win ddiehl_03vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-19 20:03:08 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie vartyview replay2021-12-19 17:01:51 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie JimJoview replay2021-12-19 09:48:16 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose first try fview replay2021-12-19 06:37:50 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie The Hulkview replay2021-12-19 01:03:40 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin HKMk2view replay2021-12-18 18:55:37 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose JimBotview replay2021-12-18 15:01:14 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin A. Lemmingview replay2021-12-18 10:11:01 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose MoarFruitsview replay2021-12-18 01:30:05 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose EnoughIsEnoughview replay2021-12-17 20:46:23 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie HeuristicGreedyByview replay2021-12-17 16:50:16 UTC
tie the_village_idiotvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-17 14:51:06 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie the_village_idiotview replay2021-12-17 09:12:01 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin DoseTestview replay2021-12-17 04:21:59 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose ddiehl_01view replay2021-12-16 21:00:39 UTC
tie Prioritizer 2vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-16 19:40:44 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Sommerregen IIIview replay2021-12-16 10:50:42 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie New wave manview replay2021-12-16 09:45:05 UTC
lose 5MoveMinimaxvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-16 00:43:49 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose BonkBot 1.0view replay2021-12-15 22:03:23 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie vartyview replay2021-12-15 20:31:35 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin 4ud0 v2view replay2021-12-15 14:18:22 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Osmitron2.0view replay2021-12-15 11:01:34 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin test2view replay2021-12-15 08:16:11 UTC
tie ForceBotv2vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-14 21:14:56 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie mcgriedy-it+rnd-view replay2021-12-14 19:49:29 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie varty 1view replay2021-12-14 15:51:11 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Willox Botview replay2021-12-14 07:46:40 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie GFX47_bot1view replay2021-12-14 04:01:31 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose first try dview replay2021-12-13 20:31:10 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Sommerregen IIIview replay2021-12-13 19:16:04 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin bla4gee_bot_8view replay2021-12-13 03:50:39 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie mcgriedy-it+rnd-view replay2021-12-13 02:46:05 UTC
win BonkBot 1.0vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-12 16:58:16 UTC
tie champu 2vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-12 16:57:31 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Bob5view replay2021-12-12 09:50:59 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin simplebotview replay2021-12-12 09:50:18 UTC
tie notDatSmart_v1vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-11 22:55:04 UTC
tie the_village_idiotvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-11 22:41:13 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie mcgriedy-it+view replay2021-12-11 18:30:52 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Noribview replay2021-12-11 15:52:25 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Third-timerview replay2021-12-11 09:43:21 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin okaybotview replay2021-12-11 07:29:19 UTC
win 5-heatbotvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-11 00:23:07 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin DreDayBotview replay2021-12-10 18:31:27 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin bak-opp-predview replay2021-12-10 16:45:57 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose divbot 1view replay2021-12-10 06:26:10 UTC
lose Synehbot v0.1vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-10 06:08:18 UTC
lose dance of the cosmvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-09 14:24:07 UTC
lose Potato Bot MK 2vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-09 14:21:56 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Bob7view replay2021-12-09 12:33:13 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose okaybotview replay2021-12-09 08:06:55 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie switcherview replay2021-12-08 22:54:10 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin first_tryview replay2021-12-08 17:08:54 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bhima-smarterview replay2021-12-08 09:28:57 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose GFX47_bot1view replay2021-12-08 07:51:39 UTC
win ddiehl_01vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-08 00:28:25 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie HKMk2view replay2021-12-07 23:39:21 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie EnoughIsEnough_2view replay2021-12-07 18:58:47 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie shinobe-treeview replay2021-12-07 16:55:58 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie simplebotview replay2021-12-07 07:00:14 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Latestview replay2021-12-07 04:26:08 UTC
tie test2vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-07 00:01:54 UTC
win One Stonevslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-06 20:26:34 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie varty 1view replay2021-12-06 18:58:14 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Latestview replay2021-12-06 13:26:50 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Clon 1.0.0view replay2021-12-06 11:55:53 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin The Hulkview replay2021-12-06 01:35:09 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose limebronzeview replay2021-12-06 00:21:02 UTC
tie A. Lemmingvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-05 17:16:35 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose NoBot 2.1.1view replay2021-12-05 14:24:44 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bakasura-intelli-view replay2021-12-05 10:46:18 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie A. Lemmingview replay2021-12-05 07:45:40 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Magnus VIIview replay2021-12-05 04:20:17 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin A. Lemmingview replay2021-12-04 20:30:26 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin ChinookSurfer0.3view replay2021-12-04 17:02:13 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin The Hulkview replay2021-12-04 11:43:40 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin steel_man_0view replay2021-12-04 07:19:16 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin ClusterChaserview replay2021-12-04 02:22:25 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin mcgriedy-it+rndview replay2021-12-04 00:32:55 UTC
lose Synehbot v0.2vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-03 18:05:32 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bhima-dumbview replay2021-12-03 15:01:07 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Impartial Minimalview replay2021-12-03 05:29:08 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie HKMk4view replay2021-12-03 03:58:40 UTC
win Prioritizervslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2021-12-02 19:56:12 UTC
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