Recent games of Lucas_BOT_v1.1

Player 1Player 2ReplayDate
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose test03view replay2020-08-05 04:39:14 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Potato Bot MK 2view replay2020-08-04 22:59:09 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Roamerview replay2020-08-04 22:54:59 UTC
tie The Hulkvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-08-04 11:40:36 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose JavaNator 3.0 Getview replay2020-08-04 10:39:19 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie davitorview replay2020-08-04 05:24:24 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Gradius IXview replay2020-08-04 05:01:40 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Rofuel2view replay2020-08-03 23:11:22 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Jason Palmer 1.0.view replay2020-08-03 23:03:51 UTC
tie SimpleBotvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-08-03 15:18:38 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose jarvis_puddingfooview replay2020-08-03 11:15:12 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie dumbBotview replay2020-08-03 10:32:20 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin jarvis_puddingfooview replay2020-08-03 05:07:51 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Sommerregen IVview replay2020-08-03 02:37:00 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Magnus VIIIview replay2020-08-02 17:02:19 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Heisenbergview replay2020-08-02 16:44:52 UTC
win Ibarbo op V2vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-08-02 04:21:39 UTC
win ultimate champuvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-08-02 04:06:37 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin GFX47_bot1view replay2020-08-02 03:40:46 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin 4ud0 v2view replay2020-08-01 19:48:23 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie radv1view replay2020-08-01 16:37:05 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Annoying-Bview replay2020-08-01 08:57:36 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie ACH_2view replay2020-08-01 07:50:36 UTC
tie MoarFruitsvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-07-31 22:05:23 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie CORE v1view replay2020-07-31 20:36:01 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin sexy_underpant_boview replay2020-07-31 15:26:04 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie champu 2view replay2020-07-31 05:48:13 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin mcgriedy-itview replay2020-07-31 02:51:26 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Blertsieview replay2020-07-31 01:16:47 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie 5MoveMinimaxview replay2020-07-30 12:37:56 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Osmitron2.0view replay2020-07-29 08:55:53 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose WOPR Iview replay2020-07-27 17:51:39 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose GFX47_bot1view replay2020-07-26 06:07:52 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin champu 2view replay2020-07-24 04:23:11 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie ACH_2view replay2020-07-22 18:57:27 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Annoying-Bview replay2020-07-21 02:18:14 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Bob6view replay2020-07-19 18:03:49 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin test03view replay2020-07-17 11:58:52 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin divbot 1view replay2020-07-16 09:51:05 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin 4ud0 v2view replay2020-07-14 09:11:57 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin The MathBot 3.01view replay2020-07-13 05:03:40 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie first try gview replay2020-07-11 04:30:04 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose BumblingBotview replay2020-07-10 06:03:46 UTC
tie Heisenbergvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-07-07 14:20:45 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bakasura-fruitview replay2020-07-06 01:44:48 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Magnus VIIview replay2020-07-05 16:19:02 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Gradius IXview replay2020-07-02 19:02:50 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie ao-nrecview replay2020-07-02 15:23:01 UTC
lose Prioritizer 2vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-06-28 20:46:09 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose The Hulkview replay2020-06-28 19:22:59 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose pdiffview replay2020-06-27 09:28:16 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose hawkingview replay2020-06-25 15:40:48 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose varty 2view replay2020-06-24 01:14:10 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin shiner rangerview replay2020-06-22 15:15:07 UTC
tie AppleBotvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-06-21 04:20:40 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Magnus VIIIview replay2020-06-19 00:52:27 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie vartyview replay2020-06-18 18:22:41 UTC
tie New wave manvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-06-15 07:06:27 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie 4ud0view replay2020-06-15 01:57:45 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie radv2view replay2020-06-13 21:50:20 UTC
win Synehbot v0.1vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-06-12 14:52:22 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin divbot 1view replay2020-06-11 07:05:51 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Moc's botview replay2020-06-09 17:59:46 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Sommerregen IVview replay2020-06-08 05:12:23 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie JJbetterview replay2020-06-06 16:01:04 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin BumblingBotview replay2020-06-04 23:34:31 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin A. Lemmingview replay2020-06-03 02:44:18 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Blertsieview replay2020-06-02 01:52:53 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin advancedSimpleBotview replay2020-05-31 22:42:18 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie mcgriedy-utview replay2020-05-31 20:55:39 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie first_tryview replay2020-05-31 16:12:22 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose The Hulkview replay2020-05-31 13:19:01 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie radv2view replay2020-05-31 07:16:49 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose The Hulkview replay2020-05-31 05:45:15 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose mcgriedy-utview replay2020-05-30 19:55:48 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin hawking_2view replay2020-05-30 18:34:59 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Annoying-Bview replay2020-05-30 11:32:24 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Prioritizer 2view replay2020-05-30 11:26:32 UTC
lose Heisenbergvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-30 02:59:17 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie switcherview replay2020-05-30 01:12:35 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin varty 4view replay2020-05-29 23:02:40 UTC
tie New wave manvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-29 15:00:44 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Prioritizer 2view replay2020-05-29 12:59:41 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie JimJoview replay2020-05-29 09:17:38 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie New wave manview replay2020-05-29 02:19:26 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose mcgriedy-it+view replay2020-05-29 00:34:21 UTC
lose test2vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-28 17:52:50 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie tspGuyview replay2020-05-28 15:27:52 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin stunt_botview replay2020-05-28 13:03:57 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Rofuel2view replay2020-05-28 02:20:00 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose champuview replay2020-05-28 02:15:07 UTC
tie Joe's Basic Botvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-27 19:11:03 UTC
lose A. Lemmingvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-27 18:35:20 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Buggeryview replay2020-05-27 14:09:32 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Da LUA Bot MK1view replay2020-05-27 06:32:01 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin MoarFruitsview replay2020-05-26 22:06:49 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Ibarbo op V2view replay2020-05-26 18:59:04 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie mu-test4view replay2020-05-26 13:49:35 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie MoarFruitsview replay2020-05-26 13:15:05 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin EnoughIsEnough_2view replay2020-05-26 05:27:13 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie TBOAT1view replay2020-05-26 00:41:27 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie ForceBotv2view replay2020-05-25 18:51:41 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Choobotview replay2020-05-25 16:21:27 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie first try dview replay2020-05-25 11:41:28 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose FruitPrometheus_vview replay2020-05-25 10:19:23 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Joes test robot 2view replay2020-05-25 05:17:47 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Osmitron2.0view replay2020-05-25 04:03:09 UTC
tie StupidBotvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-24 20:51:12 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie first_tryview replay2020-05-24 19:29:07 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie maniacview replay2020-05-24 19:26:06 UTC
tie ForceBotv2vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-24 07:53:28 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie mcgriedy-itview replay2020-05-24 07:15:15 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Willox Botview replay2020-05-24 04:03:40 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie AveBotview replay2020-05-23 22:52:19 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie BumblingBotview replay2020-05-23 18:06:50 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin CapsaicinBotview replay2020-05-23 12:41:52 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin CORE v1view replay2020-05-23 08:25:12 UTC
lose ndc-2vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-23 02:37:01 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie test03view replay2020-05-22 23:09:21 UTC
lose MoarFruitsvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-22 19:14:49 UTC
tie Danbot0vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-22 13:01:47 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie radv1view replay2020-05-22 10:49:56 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie divbot 1view replay2020-05-22 08:36:39 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie The Hulkview replay2020-05-22 05:08:19 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose FruitPrometheus_vview replay2020-05-22 04:03:30 UTC
win MoarFruitsvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-21 20:25:22 UTC
lose Prioritizer 2vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-21 13:21:47 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Impartial Minimalview replay2020-05-21 11:25:22 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose DoseTestview replay2020-05-21 06:50:08 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Osmitron2.0view replay2020-05-21 02:14:20 UTC
win Ibarbo op V2vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-21 00:28:34 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bla4gee_bot_8view replay2020-05-20 18:09:08 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.0view replay2020-05-20 16:54:10 UTC
win A. Lemmingvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-20 09:53:38 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bakasura-intelli-view replay2020-05-20 09:50:33 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Sommerregen IIIview replay2020-05-19 20:49:13 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose DensityBotview replay2020-05-19 20:42:43 UTC
tie 5-heatbotvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-19 14:18:56 UTC
tie A. Lemmingvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-19 14:12:17 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie New wave manview replay2020-05-19 12:02:10 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Bender IIview replay2020-05-19 05:25:42 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie radv2view replay2020-05-18 15:20:34 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin GOZBOT 1.2view replay2020-05-18 14:18:22 UTC
lose test2vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-18 04:40:50 UTC
lose BlueDemon 7.0vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-17 23:57:21 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin 5-heatbotview replay2020-05-17 20:31:31 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose tspGuy2view replay2020-05-17 13:43:59 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin mcgriedy-it+view replay2020-05-17 09:35:34 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose bakasura-intelli-view replay2020-05-17 03:53:45 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin divbot 1view replay2020-05-17 02:16:37 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Riley Bot 4000view replay2020-05-16 23:28:17 UTC
tie nearBotvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-16 19:35:57 UTC
tie MoarFruitsvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-16 13:16:52 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Effieview replay2020-05-16 09:36:16 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin mu-test5view replay2020-05-16 09:35:51 UTC
tie 5MoveMinimaxvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-15 16:14:24 UTC
tie Heisenbergvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-15 15:45:28 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin mu-test5view replay2020-05-15 14:52:05 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin mcgriedy-it+view replay2020-05-15 12:28:57 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie f.1view replay2020-05-15 08:25:26 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin advancedSimpleBotview replay2020-05-15 05:10:07 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie DarkGalvanicPhoenview replay2020-05-15 02:50:58 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Willox Botview replay2020-05-14 23:36:11 UTC
tie ForceBotv2vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-14 16:23:27 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Osmitron2.0view replay2020-05-14 11:52:32 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose hawkingview replay2020-05-14 11:38:52 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie JimJoview replay2020-05-13 22:32:13 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin first_tryview replay2020-05-13 22:26:33 UTC
tie Moc's botvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-13 12:01:36 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin BumblingBotview replay2020-05-13 11:53:12 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin test03view replay2020-05-13 03:02:11 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose varty 6 view replay2020-05-13 02:37:43 UTC
win champuvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-12 18:43:14 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin EnoughIsEnoughview replay2020-05-12 15:53:52 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose a bit pickyview replay2020-05-12 12:34:09 UTC
lose tspGuy2vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-12 06:21:27 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose 4ud0 v2view replay2020-05-12 02:58:20 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie radv2view replay2020-05-11 22:57:21 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose ddiehl_03view replay2020-05-11 18:34:00 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Testing Botview replay2020-05-11 15:12:39 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie orangejuiceview replay2020-05-11 12:31:30 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie 5-heatbotview replay2020-05-11 07:11:36 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie f.2view replay2020-05-11 04:43:12 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin 4ud0view replay2020-05-10 21:14:33 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose ACH_2view replay2020-05-10 19:31:04 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie StupidBotview replay2020-05-10 13:25:13 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin CapsaicinBotview replay2020-05-10 12:58:29 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose stunt_botview replay2020-05-10 07:03:10 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Bob6view replay2020-05-10 06:55:10 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie ForceBotv2view replay2020-05-09 21:15:47 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose nameview replay2020-05-09 21:15:35 UTC
lose CORE v1vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-09 05:57:23 UTC
lose Prioritizer 2vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-08 21:33:54 UTC
tie LoomBot1.4vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-08 10:29:41 UTC
lose CORE v1vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-08 09:40:51 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.0vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-08 08:58:04 UTC
lose ultimate champuvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-08 07:44:39 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie BlueDemon 7.0view replay2020-05-08 07:19:56 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Magnus VIIview replay2020-05-08 04:54:48 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose mcgriedy-it+view replay2020-05-08 01:12:23 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Riley Bot 4000view replay2020-05-08 00:50:01 UTC
tie notDatSmart_v1vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-07 18:10:23 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin ACH_2view replay2020-05-07 14:45:22 UTC
lose Potato Bot MK 2vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-07 05:12:06 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose boo_bot_v0.2view replay2020-05-07 00:36:10 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Jason Palmer 1.0.view replay2020-05-07 00:17:45 UTC
lose 5MoveMinimaxvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-06 18:55:53 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin chatty-SimpleBotview replay2020-05-06 18:40:59 UTC
tie MOFFYBOTvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-06 15:02:27 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Magnus VIIIview replay2020-05-06 11:01:33 UTC
tie Dequavisvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-06 07:31:06 UTC
lose 5-heatbotvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-06 01:28:42 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin hawkingview replay2020-05-06 00:17:35 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Testing Botview replay2020-05-05 22:55:30 UTC
tie SimpleBotvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-05 13:51:22 UTC
tie AppleBotvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-05 01:29:53 UTC
win SimpleBotvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-04 22:11:36 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose jarvis_puddingfooview replay2020-05-04 19:28:02 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Effieview replay2020-05-04 15:14:31 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie FruitFrackerAlphaview replay2020-05-04 13:01:56 UTC
tie New wave manvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-04 08:45:30 UTC
win Dequavisvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-04 04:59:35 UTC
tie Potato Bot MK 2vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-04 02:37:22 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin tspGuyview replay2020-05-04 00:29:39 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie divbot 1view replay2020-05-03 20:17:24 UTC
tie AppleBotvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-03 15:12:49 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bot 2: electric bview replay2020-05-03 10:08:33 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin EnoughIsEnoughview replay2020-05-03 03:51:42 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie DreDayBotview replay2020-05-03 03:05:32 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose mu-test5view replay2020-05-02 22:04:11 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Roamerview replay2020-05-02 21:49:54 UTC
win Dequavisvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-02 18:07:41 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie mu-test4view replay2020-05-02 14:06:38 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin WOPR Iview replay2020-05-02 09:11:32 UTC
win YTIKWIDHH v2.1.4vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-05-02 06:43:45 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin f.1view replay2020-05-02 00:38:09 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin BjarkeBotview replay2020-05-01 20:42:49 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie BjarkeBotview replay2020-05-01 16:12:54 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Compote Iview replay2020-05-01 14:35:46 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie ACH_2view replay2020-05-01 06:30:48 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bot 2: electric bview replay2020-05-01 04:23:43 UTC
lose CORE v1vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2020-04-30 21:43:09 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin DarkGalvanicPhoenview replay2020-04-30 20:32:44 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie WOPR Iview replay2020-04-30 18:27:50 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Compote Iview replay2020-04-30 09:11:19 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose HKMk2view replay2020-04-30 08:11:34 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie autoTwoview replay2020-04-30 03:33:31 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose bla4gee_bot_2view replay2020-04-30 01:13:51 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin a bit pickyview replay2020-04-29 21:24:01 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie MOFFYBOTS SISTERview replay2020-04-29 19:03:52 UTC