Recent games of Lucas_BOT_v1.1

Player 1Player 2ReplayDate
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Ant Who Careview replay2019-12-06 02:48:33 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Prioritizerview replay2019-12-06 02:26:59 UTC
tie GOZBOT 1.2vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-12-05 15:56:21 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie first try dview replay2019-12-05 15:11:21 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie tim_bot1view replay2019-12-05 12:13:38 UTC
tie 5MoveMinimaxvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-12-05 08:19:55 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose greedy with saltview replay2019-12-05 05:32:16 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose pdiffview replay2019-12-04 19:51:34 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Moc's botview replay2019-12-04 16:59:26 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie first_try_v0.02view replay2019-12-04 12:24:23 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin iRobotview replay2019-12-04 08:07:34 UTC
lose Willox Botvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-12-04 01:04:50 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin JJsuper_duper_betview replay2019-12-03 19:44:55 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie One Stoneview replay2019-12-03 17:04:44 UTC
win 7-AerisBotvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-12-03 11:04:12 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose mcgriedy-it+rnd-view replay2019-12-03 04:40:57 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Condimentview replay2019-12-02 23:36:28 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin The MathBot 3.01view replay2019-12-02 18:29:50 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie mcgriedy-itview replay2019-12-02 14:32:46 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie JimJoview replay2019-12-02 10:08:18 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin nodnarb 0.1view replay2019-12-02 03:40:53 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bla4gee_original_view replay2019-12-01 21:20:38 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie chaos_botview replay2019-12-01 17:12:35 UTC
tie Synehbot v0.2vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-12-01 13:41:02 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin orangejuiceview replay2019-12-01 08:46:18 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie AveBotview replay2019-12-01 06:28:15 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose shiner longest + view replay2019-11-30 22:47:07 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose FruitarianBot v1.view replay2019-11-30 19:14:13 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose nodnarb 0.2view replay2019-11-30 15:57:46 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin greedy with saltview replay2019-11-30 12:41:20 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Bob5view replay2019-11-30 08:47:30 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Da LUA Bot MK1view replay2019-11-30 00:47:38 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose first try eview replay2019-11-29 18:45:40 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose dance of the cosmview replay2019-11-29 16:07:37 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie 4ud0view replay2019-11-29 14:34:40 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie test01view replay2019-11-29 09:10:28 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose varty 6 view replay2019-11-29 02:39:59 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin HKMk3view replay2019-11-28 20:21:03 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin boo_bot v0.5bview replay2019-11-28 16:34:44 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie varty 4view replay2019-11-28 13:21:46 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin boo_bot v0.5bview replay2019-11-28 10:13:18 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie ForceBotv2view replay2019-11-28 02:34:49 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin bla4gee_bot_8view replay2019-11-27 22:40:35 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin test01view replay2019-11-27 21:12:57 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie AppRangeview replay2019-11-27 18:33:42 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie ForceBotv2view replay2019-11-27 14:58:14 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie peerless4*5view replay2019-11-27 11:54:54 UTC
tie 5MoveMinimaxvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-27 06:58:49 UTC
win switchervslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-27 01:30:00 UTC
lose 7-AerisBotvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-26 18:43:17 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin shiner avoidance view replay2019-11-26 18:42:56 UTC
tie YTIKWIDHH v2.1.1vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-26 13:08:23 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bak-opp-predview replay2019-11-26 07:20:42 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose The MathBot 3.01view replay2019-11-26 02:27:09 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie shiner shortest +view replay2019-11-26 00:21:06 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Heuro 1view replay2019-11-25 21:56:42 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie dance of the cosmview replay2019-11-25 14:58:45 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Bob6view replay2019-11-25 12:33:23 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose shiner ranger rarview replay2019-11-25 06:46:37 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose 5MoveMinimaxview replay2019-11-25 03:54:18 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Ant Groupview replay2019-11-25 00:30:04 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin jackBotv1.3view replay2019-11-24 20:43:12 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose first try gview replay2019-11-24 15:23:26 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose mcgriedy-it+view replay2019-11-24 14:42:46 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie advancedSimpleBotview replay2019-11-24 07:51:36 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin mcgriedy-it+view replay2019-11-24 07:45:13 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie kcon_IIIview replay2019-11-23 22:41:27 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose ChinookSurfer0.3view replay2019-11-23 22:41:22 UTC
win Banksybotvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-23 06:39:14 UTC
lose Willox Botvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-23 06:34:33 UTC
lose Banksybotvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-23 06:18:34 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin First-timer botview replay2019-11-23 02:39:00 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin kcon_Iview replay2019-11-23 02:16:35 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose JoBotview replay2019-11-22 18:20:47 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose bla4gee_bot_8view replay2019-11-22 17:18:42 UTC
win CORE v1vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-22 07:46:34 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose first_try_v0.02view replay2019-11-22 04:33:58 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose DarkGalvanicPhoenview replay2019-11-22 03:54:16 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Getawayview replay2019-11-21 18:27:27 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose bla4gee_bot_8view replay2019-11-21 17:44:03 UTC
lose GOZBOT 1.2vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-21 07:20:11 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Prioritizer 2view replay2019-11-21 07:19:48 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose ddiehl_03view replay2019-11-21 04:32:10 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Ant Testingview replay2019-11-20 18:56:36 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin MoarFruitsview replay2019-11-20 18:30:55 UTC
lose Synehbot v0.2vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-20 05:50:56 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin the_village_idiotview replay2019-11-20 04:47:20 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie first try cview replay2019-11-19 23:16:29 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie The MathBot 3.01view replay2019-11-19 20:07:52 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin mcgriedy-itview replay2019-11-19 09:58:18 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie daveview replay2019-11-19 09:58:16 UTC
tie MoarFruitsvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-18 20:23:42 UTC
lose TBOAT1vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-18 19:55:54 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin test03view replay2019-11-18 17:23:36 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin tspGuy2view replay2019-11-18 16:20:21 UTC
tie Moc's botvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-18 06:21:06 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose GFX47_bot1view replay2019-11-18 05:42:41 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose bla4gee_bot_4view replay2019-11-17 23:14:06 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin JoBotview replay2019-11-17 19:33:11 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Synehbot v0.2view replay2019-11-17 13:30:22 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose bla4gee_bot_8view replay2019-11-17 11:27:51 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose champuview replay2019-11-17 03:02:29 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Bob5view replay2019-11-17 03:02:26 UTC
lose MoarFruitsvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-16 12:05:14 UTC
tie champuvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-16 11:25:19 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie iRobotview replay2019-11-16 10:38:20 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose DreDayBot2view replay2019-11-16 10:35:35 UTC
tie champuvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-16 00:02:18 UTC
lose New wave manvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-15 20:20:36 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.0view replay2019-11-15 17:14:33 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin smartbot2view replay2019-11-15 09:54:58 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose bla4gee_bot_9view replay2019-11-15 09:53:21 UTC
win BlueDemon 7.0vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-15 00:09:56 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bhimaview replay2019-11-14 20:57:56 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Testzor 1view replay2019-11-14 19:17:10 UTC
lose Prioritizer 2vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-14 11:29:33 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin ChinookSurfer0.3view replay2019-11-14 07:09:22 UTC
win ultimate champuvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-14 03:13:16 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie ChinookSurfer0.3view replay2019-11-13 22:27:33 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie kcon_IIview replay2019-11-13 17:06:52 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Bob6view replay2019-11-13 12:31:45 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose nodnarb 0.2view replay2019-11-13 05:58:43 UTC
win test2vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-13 03:16:33 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.0vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-12 19:13:50 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie tim_bot1view replay2019-11-12 18:50:19 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Blertsieview replay2019-11-12 13:53:18 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin BumblingBotview replay2019-11-12 09:40:21 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie YTIKWIDHH v2.1.4view replay2019-11-12 04:37:54 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose first try bview replay2019-11-12 02:44:40 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Sommerregen IVview replay2019-11-11 19:51:07 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie chatty-SimpleBotview replay2019-11-11 16:09:12 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie chatty-SimpleBotview replay2019-11-11 04:32:34 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose mcgriedy-itview replay2019-11-11 01:55:16 UTC
win Synehbot v0.1vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-10 21:17:09 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin MOFFYBOTview replay2019-11-10 14:10:11 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin mcgriedy-utview replay2019-11-10 13:53:42 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie test2view replay2019-11-10 08:45:58 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie chattyBot-v2.1view replay2019-11-10 06:06:27 UTC
win tspGuyvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-09 19:44:21 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose UCBotview replay2019-11-09 16:07:59 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie BlueDemon 7.0view replay2019-11-09 14:17:47 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Roamerview replay2019-11-09 09:51:08 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Magnus VIIIview replay2019-11-09 09:07:24 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie varty 6 view replay2019-11-09 03:50:47 UTC
lose champuvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-08 18:53:51 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin GOZBOT 1.2view replay2019-11-08 15:13:00 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin DreDayBot2view replay2019-11-08 13:59:25 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Mainwing3.0view replay2019-11-08 08:46:06 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie first try cview replay2019-11-08 07:23:37 UTC
win Joes test robot 2vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-08 00:11:25 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Synehbot v0.1view replay2019-11-07 22:59:36 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bhimaview replay2019-11-07 18:20:22 UTC
win Mainwing3.0vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-07 14:54:47 UTC
tie ForceBotv2vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-07 10:36:31 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin tspGuyview replay2019-11-07 09:04:48 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Osmitron1.0view replay2019-11-07 05:49:49 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose nodnarb 0.1view replay2019-11-07 04:03:17 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie tim_bot1view replay2019-11-07 00:22:09 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-11-06 22:08:40 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin WOPR Iview replay2019-11-06 17:45:00 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Second-timer botview replay2019-11-06 13:48:46 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Prettyokbot — OSUview replay2019-11-06 08:23:00 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie DiscerningBotview replay2019-11-06 02:42:04 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie JimJoview replay2019-11-05 22:54:08 UTC
tie ForceBotv2vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-05 18:21:44 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Heuro 1view replay2019-11-05 10:00:53 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bhima-clusterview replay2019-11-05 00:43:22 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Noribview replay2019-11-04 18:05:04 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Blertsieview replay2019-11-04 17:47:27 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-11-04 07:45:26 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose kcon_Iview replay2019-11-04 05:33:59 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Feroseview replay2019-11-03 22:32:42 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Third-timerview replay2019-11-03 20:13:10 UTC
tie ndc-1vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-03 14:31:46 UTC
lose The Hulkvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-03 09:09:18 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin limebronzeview replay2019-11-03 08:31:23 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose varty 2view replay2019-11-03 06:47:49 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Feroseview replay2019-11-03 03:58:05 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie CORE v1view replay2019-11-03 00:02:48 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bla4gee_bot_8view replay2019-11-02 20:46:42 UTC
lose ultimate champuvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-02 16:21:12 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Return of the Fruview replay2019-11-02 10:20:58 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin bak-opp-predview replay2019-11-02 08:44:08 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin chattyBot-v2.1view replay2019-11-02 02:30:30 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Herbststurm IIview replay2019-11-02 02:28:23 UTC
lose tspGuyvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-11-01 22:49:20 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Prettyokbot — OSUview replay2019-11-01 22:48:55 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose AveBotview replay2019-11-01 10:26:22 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie a bit pickyview replay2019-11-01 08:24:18 UTC
lose YTIKWIDHH v2.1.4vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-10-31 23:10:55 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin bla4gee_bot_4view replay2019-10-31 22:41:03 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose CORE v1view replay2019-10-31 21:11:57 UTC
tie Willox Botvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-10-31 16:36:06 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.0vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-10-31 10:45:41 UTC
tie Willox Botvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-10-31 09:24:09 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie bhimaview replay2019-10-31 07:45:12 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin bla4gee_bot_8view replay2019-10-31 07:43:50 UTC
lose TBOAT1vswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-10-30 22:47:07 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin HKMk4view replay2019-10-30 19:34:42 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose orangejuiceview replay2019-10-30 19:28:32 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Joes test robot 2view replay2019-10-30 12:54:25 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin ddiehl_02view replay2019-10-30 12:42:17 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Rofuel2view replay2019-10-30 06:46:20 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin JimJoview replay2019-10-30 06:46:01 UTC
tie ForceBotv2vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-10-30 00:56:31 UTC
lose MOFFYBOTS SISTERvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-10-30 00:04:45 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose SimpleBot-v2-chatview replay2019-10-29 21:15:54 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin GFX47_bot1view replay2019-10-29 20:42:53 UTC
win 5MoveMinimaxvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-10-29 13:19:24 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin ChinookSurfer0.3view replay2019-10-29 13:17:45 UTC
lose switchervswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-10-29 08:22:44 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose ultimate champuview replay2019-10-29 04:28:10 UTC
lose tspGuyvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-10-28 22:01:36 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Impartial Minimalview replay2019-10-28 17:47:33 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin pdiffview replay2019-10-28 13:02:06 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie HeuristicGreedyByview replay2019-10-28 07:45:24 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose ndc-2view replay2019-10-28 02:59:22 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose MOFFYBOTview replay2019-10-27 22:40:23 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie DreDayBot2view replay2019-10-27 21:05:52 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Synehbot v0.3view replay2019-10-27 16:54:32 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin Blertsieview replay2019-10-27 16:19:29 UTC
win Da LUA Bot MK1vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-10-27 07:41:37 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie DreDayBotview replay2019-10-27 07:39:50 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie DreDayBotview replay2019-10-27 03:33:54 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie usagi-hoview replay2019-10-27 03:18:17 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose MOFFYBOTS SISTERview replay2019-10-26 20:36:57 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Prioritizer 2view replay2019-10-26 19:03:49 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie FruitPrometheus_vview replay2019-10-26 11:52:21 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose A. Lemmingview replay2019-10-26 08:44:04 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose DreDayBot2view replay2019-10-25 23:56:11 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie stunt_botview replay2019-10-25 23:46:43 UTC
tie ndc-2vstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-10-25 17:30:53 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin a bit pickyview replay2019-10-25 15:09:19 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose greedy with saltview replay2019-10-25 13:39:30 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Jason Palmerview replay2019-10-25 04:44:15 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin TBOAT1view replay2019-10-25 03:40:33 UTC
lose MOFFYBOTS SISTERvswin Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-10-24 19:19:01 UTC
win Willox Botvslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-10-24 17:34:09 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose WOPR Iview replay2019-10-24 11:49:47 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose Magnus VIIIview replay2019-10-24 07:40:22 UTC
tie naive_botvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-10-24 03:31:57 UTC
tie The Hulkvstie Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-10-23 19:32:54 UTC
win YTIKWIDHH v2.1.4vslose Lucas_BOT_v1.1view replay2019-10-23 15:45:44 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie SimpleBot-v2-chatview replay2019-10-23 11:57:48 UTC
lose Lucas_BOT_v1.1vswin radv2view replay2019-10-23 09:00:00 UTC
tie Lucas_BOT_v1.1vstie Roamer3view replay2019-10-23 02:58:45 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose bhimaview replay2019-10-22 22:36:30 UTC
win Lucas_BOT_v1.1vslose chatty-SimpleBotview replay2019-10-22 17:15:58 UTC
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