Ngo Minh Duc

Ant Who Care[rating: 53.729±2.242][view matches]
DFS Greedy Flow[rating: 57.756±2.215][view matches]
Ant Adv Fearful Plz Be Fast[rating: 60.615±2.216][view matches]
Ant Adv 1[rating: 60.644±2.215][view matches]
Ant Adv Fearful Plz Be Faster[rating: 60.454±2.225][view matches]
Ant Testing[rating: 50.765±2.219][view matches]
Ant Group[rating: 52.076±2.265][view matches]
Ant Adv 2[rating: 59.643±2.222][view matches]
DFS Flow[rating: 58.497±2.218][view matches]
Ant Adv Fearful[rating: 61.084±2.208][view matches]